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7 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Flotex Cleaning

By hights1 On August 5, 2017 Under Flotex Cleaning

 Flotex Cleaning


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Because of its nylon fibres which don’t trap dust, dirt and debris, Flotex is much easier to clean compared to the classic carpet. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just vacuum it every other week and enjoy the same kind of look and feel as on day one. Here are some essential tips on Flotex cleaning which will surely come in handy when it comes to maintaining this type of floor covering.


  • pH-Neutral Cleaners Are Mandatory

    Both highly acidic and highly alkaline cleaning agents could cause damage to both the fibre and the dye of Flotex floors. That is why your safest best when buying a cleaning product, is to go for one which is pH-neutral. It’s also possible to use liquid detergent but in tiny amounts.

  • Weak Cleaning Solution Is Best.

    It’s typically recommended that you dissolve a teaspoon of detergent into five litres of hot water to use for Flotex cleaning. This is how weak the solution should be, no matter whether your objective is simply to remove dirt or to deal with a spill to prevent permanent staining.

  • You Can’t Go without Rinsing.

    Most people don’t know that without rinsing a section with a liquid spill that they’ve just cleaned, a stain can appear due to the detergent remaining in the carpet. At the same time, rinsing is quick and easy. Just pour a bit of plain water on a cloth and wipe the area gently, without pressing hard.

  • Separate Pet Hair Removal Is Necessary.

    Whether you are planning to vacuum or wash the floor for best Flotex cleaning results, you should remove per hair first to achieve the best possible results. You can use a damp cloth or a specially designed rubber brush for the purpose. Just make sure that you make passes in the direction of the pile.

  • Water Doesn’t Remove All Stains.

    You must not use it if you spill dry items like detergent, pool chemicals or herbs. This is because it will only activate compounds which could cause damage to the fibres and dye. The right Flotex cleaning approach is to vacuum dry spills.

  • Don’t Cut Fibres with Chewing Gum on Them.

    This is also true when there are hard sweets and modelling clay on the floor. The most effective solution, in this case, is to freeze the item and then break the pieces to release the fibres. Just place one or two ice cubes in a plastic bag and apply it to the item. It’s easy to tell when it’s hard enough to be broken easily.

  • Be Extra Careful with Stain Removers

    It’s common sense to use spirit to remove pen ink, for example. However, you should not rush to apply this kind of treatment before you are certain that it is safe for both the fibres and the dye of your floor covering. You should consult the owner’s manual and perform a test by applying a tiny drop of the cleaning agent in the corner. Generally, if you are not sure about the nature of the stain, you should leave the removal to the experts.

Highfield TS have all the skills and experience necessary to carry out your Flotex floor cleaning to the highest standards.  We can give you 100% free advice on the cleaning requirements of your Flotex flooring.

Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
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