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6 Reasons to Choose Highfield TS for Carpet Cleaning Yarm

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Carpet Cleaning Yarm

Carpet cleaning yarm


From time to time, you’re going to want to clean your carpet. Sure, you could always do it yourself, but if you want it done right, we recommend having it done by a professional.

While there are many carpet cleaning professionals available, the one that we highly recommend for the Yarm area would be Highfield TS and today, we are going to tell you 6 reasons to choose Highfield TS for carpet cleaning Yarm


  1. Professionals that Care

Highfield TS consists of a team of professionals that really care. They have years of experience and know exactly what needs to be done in order to get the carpet looking new again. Before the cleaning process, they like to discuss all options that are available. They make sure disruption to homes and businesses is kept to a minimum.

  1. They Use Top of the Line Products

Highfield TS has put a large amount of research into the products they are using. They’re using Craftex Cleaning Solutions, which is well known for being a leading brand in the carpet and upholstery cleaning field. Most of the other products they are currently using are green. They have a large array of stain removal products.

  1. Air Quality

There may be pollutants trapped inside of your carpet and by hiring Highfield TS to professionally clean your carpet, those pollutants will be eliminated. A carpet that is dirty can hold various sources of indoor air pollutants including lead, pet dander, allergens and dirt and dust. Particles from different sources can get trapped in your carpet and during daily activities like walking, the gases are released, causing your air to be contaminated. These professionals have high-powered vacuums that help eliminate the trapped pollutants. They also use specialized shampoo formulas that destroy bacteria.


If you are curious about how Highfield TS can help you with your Carpet Cleaning inYarm
Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on: 07922 022 614 for a free consultation.

  1. Eliminate Mold

By having your carpet cleaned by these professionals, you can prevent mould growth. If you were to ignore your carpet for a long period of time, it could start to grow mould, which is harmful to your family. This is why it is important to regularly clean your carpet – the professionals use top of the line drying tools that will eliminate the moisture that mould needs in order to grow.

  1. Like New Appearance

When you get new carpet in your home, you’ll notice that over the course of time, it’ll start to fade. In order to restore that carpet, you need to hire a professional. Highfield TS can remove those stubborn stains and that embedded dirt and make your carpet look like new again. They do a great job at restoring the original quality and beauty of carpet.


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  1. Experience

We cannot leave out the fact that the staff is fully experienced and have knowledge of working with every type of carpet on the market. The technician will be able to recommend the best cleaning products and methods for the type of carpet you have.


In the end, Highfield TS is the way to go if you’re looking for professional carpet cleaning in Yarm. The staff is friendly, professional and they even offer free consultations.


The Reason Why Everyone Loves Highfield TS Home Carpet Cleaning Thirsk

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Highfield TS Home Carpet Cleaning Thirsk

Highfield TS Yorkshire


So now your favourite carpet has become very dirty and it requires an extensive cleaning. What’s your plan? There are actually three options


So now your favourite carpet has become very dirty and it requires an extensive cleaning. What’s your plan? There are actually three options:

  1. Cleaning it yourself with the available tool in your home.
  2. Renting special cleaning tool from a commercial store
  3. Call in a professional home carpet cleaning company.

Among these three options, the first option is the cheapest but it is actually less effective and the last option may incur slightly higher expenses but in the end you can expect a result that is beyond impressive.


Professional home carpet cleaning Thirsk, Highfield TS  is simply good at what they do and their specialized cleaning skills can actually make your carpet look brand new once again.


If you are curious about how Highfield TS can help you with your Carpet Cleaning
Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on: 07922 022 614 for a free consultation.


Now you should know the reasons why everyone prefers professional Highland TS home carpet cleaning Thirsk:


Highly advanced cleaning pieces of equipment with professional cleaning attitude:

The vacuum cleaner in your home might be an effective solution for amateur cleaning job but compared to professional cleaning tool, your little indoor vacuum cleaner is just nothing. Same goes for all your home based cleaning solutions. Home carpet cleaning Thirsk services make use of extremely powerful cleaning tools. Their tools can easily extract the dirt particles embedded into the carpet fibre and at the same time it easily eliminates any kind of stubborn stains from your carpet. The end result that you can actually expect from a professional carpet cleaning service is an absolute spotless carpet.


Carpet Cleaning Thirsk


Complete hassle free venture:

If you choose to do the entire job by yourself, you will have to remove all the furniture and then start the carpet cleaning venture and this is not an easy job at all. It is also a very time consuming affair when you are doing it alone. Depending on your situation, a professional carpet cleaning service will either clean it at your home or take it to their place to complete the cleaning procedure. A professional carpet cleaning company always takes the responsibility to install or uninstall the carpet in your home.


Makes air quality improved:

An indoor vacuum cleaner only removes the dust from the carpet’s surface but it never eliminate the dust particles from the deeper surface and these leftover dust particles hampers the air quality in your house. A professional home carpet cleaning Thirsk always uses industrial tools that can eliminate all the dust particles, thus indoor air quality can easily be maintained properly.


Saves your valuable time:

DIY carpet cleaning job is a time consuming affair and you hardly have time to do so. You can actually save a good amount of time by hiring Highfield TS, a commercial home carpet cleaning Thirsk service.


If you search online, you will find various home carpet cleaning  services available in Thirsk but it is always important to find a service that has been operating the service for a long time. Experience plays a very crucial role when you are shortlisting a carpet cleaning service for your house. Highfield TS home carpet cleaning Thirsk is one such company that can actually meet all your carpet cleaning requirements.


Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614



Ten Things You Need To Know About Carpet cleaning Ripon company Highfield TS Today

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Carpet cleaning ripon


Carpet cleaning Ripon


The need for carpet cleaning Ripon services becomes evident when your floor coverings face high foot traffic.
Carpets are expensive decors that should be handled with lots of care and concern. This is why you should hire professional carpet cleaners.

Here are few important things you should know about carpet cleaning Ripon companies.


If you are curious about how Highfield TS can help you with your Carpet or Stone Floor Cleaning
Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on: 07922 022 614 for a free consultation.



Many carpet cleaning companies offer free estimates over telephone conversations. Well, it is quick to ask for an estimate over the phone. But, you should get a written document before proceeding further. Make sure the carpet cleaning company has given you a comprehensive quote without any hidden charges.



Secondly, you should be aware of the cleaning method used by the carpet cleaning Ripon company. Most service providers use steam cleaners or extraction using hot water. These are recommended and approved methods for cleaning carpets. However, understand the strategy used by your carpet cleaning firm. Read consumer reviews and know more about them.



It is very important to know if the company is insured and bonded. The use of strong chemicals and wrong techniques will destroy the look and feel of your carpet. This is why you should verify the insurance and bonding of your carpet cleaning Ripon Company.


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As funny as it sounds, you must know how long it takes for carpets to dry. Most carpet cleaners advise clients to allow a day for the carpets to dry. A number of factors affect the overall duration. This includes humidity and fiber type. However, the overall duration depends on the techniques your carpet cleaners use.



Next, you should verify if the carpet cleaning Ripon company provides guaranteed work. Guarantees are very common in this industry. But, they come with many terms and conditions. This is why you should ask more about guarantees upfront.



Experienced or novice, you should ask for references. Before you decide on a carpet cleaning Ripon firm, you should ask for their previous projects. Check if you can speak to their past and current clients. Learn more about their experiences with the carpet cleaner.



It is very important to check if the carpet cleaning company is an active member of the state’s Ethical services. This is a special body that finds and identifies carpet cleaning companies. If Ethical Services has your carpet cleaner in its list, you can be confident that a reputable service was found.



Carpet cleaning is an interesting industry that needs skilled technicians. If you want to enjoy flawless services and high quality results, the company must have certified technicians. A certificate from organizations like “IICRC” is equivalent to an official degree in carpet care.



Experienced carpet cleaners make use of truck-mounted facilities. These are special cleaning units with an attached hose and huge tank. When compared against conventional vacuum cleaners, truck-mounted systems are efficient and reliable.



Last but certainly not least, make sure the carpet cleaning Ripon company guarantees its services by word. It is very important to receive a written document of all the services provided.



Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614



10 Signs You Should Invest in Carpet Cleaning Thirsk

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Carpet Cleaning Thirsk

Carpet Cleaning Thirsk


Carpet flooring is amazingly inviting and can make every home or office even cosier. However, even with proper maintenance, professional carpet cleaning Thirsk is required at some point. Find out when you should use a specialized service right away.


1. Darker Carpet Colour

This is a sign that dirt particles have got stuck between the fibres deep down in the pile. The best solution is to clean the carpet using the hot water extraction method. With it, dirt is loosened up and collected and the colour and softness of the carpet is restored. This is what you can expect from specialist carpet cleaning Thirsk.

2. Food and Drink Stains

These are extremely common and quite stubborn. Unless you scrape out of the food or blot the liquid fast, you should consider leaving stain removal to the professionals. Just make sure that they use safe cleaning agents.

3. Excessive Sneezing and Coughing

If these symptoms appear all of a sudden when you are at home, this is most certainly due to excessive accumulation of dust and pollen in the carpet. Deep carpet cleaning Thirsk will remove the allergy-triggering particles from the deepest layers of the pile to give you better indoor air quality and protect your family

If you are curious about how Highfield TS can help you with your Karndean Floor Cleaning
Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on: 07922 022 614 for a free consultation.

4. Pet Stains

These are among the worst carpet stains because the enzymes in pet urine make the pets go back to the same spots and do their business there over the over again. With a special cleaning solution designed to eliminate these enzymes without harming the carpet, both the stain and the odour will go away and the risk of future ones will be a lot lower.

5. Carpet Dullness

This is usually caused by heavy traffic, ut can be easily rectified with professional carpet cleaning Thirsk. With the application of the hot water extraction method, your carpet will look just like new.

6. Ineffective Vacuuming

If your vacuum doesn’t collect all the dust and dirt in the carpet, then it’s time for the specialists to step in. The deep cleaning will produce effective and lasting results.

7. Musty Smell

It’s most probably due to mould growing on the carpet. The hot water extraction method is a dependable solution because the heat kills the spores, while the drying time is extremely short, usually around two hours. The cause of the mould should be eliminated timely too.

8. Stains of Unknown Origin

The experts in carpet cleaning Thirsk will study the stains to identify their origin and decide on the best products for treating them.

9. Clouds of Dust Coming Out of the Carpet

While you should vacuum the floor weekly, it is equally important to use deep carpet cleaning services at least once a year. Many people choose to opt for them in the spring and in the autumn too.

10. Moving in or out of the House

If you are moving in, you will make sure that the carpet is in top shape for your family to use and for the kids to play on, in particular. If you are moving out of a rental property, you will be required to have deep carpet cleaning. If you are selling your home, leaving it in perfect shape makes sense.


For professional carpet cleaning Thirsk, you can readily turn to Highfield TS.


Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614



Six Reasons Why People Like Carpet Cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS.

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Why People Like carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS.

Hiring a carpet cleaning Thirsk company is a convenient way of keeping your home clean and tidy!  For most homeowners, carpets are extremely close to their hearts. They spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds buying floor coverings that should be maintained forever! Yes, you read it right. Just like many other home decors, carpets must be cleaned promptly and regularly. Just the thought of cleaning  carpets can be physically and emotionally stressful. That is why many homeowners hire professional carpet cleaning companies in Thirsk .

Here are few reasons why carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS is loved by many.  As a professional service provider,  this company has many advantages for you.


  • #1  Arranging? Leave it to the experts! Arranging your home for carpet cleaning is a task by itself. You should invest a good amount of time arranging. Let’s do a quick analysis here: if professional carpet cleaners need 3 hours to arrange your home, you may need five more! Doesn’t this sound like a reason why homeowners hire carpet cleaning services?


  • #2 Insurance & Safety by hiring Highfield TS, your property will be insured and safe. Let’s face it, professional carpet cleaners are extremely experienced. They will make sure your belongings are handled carefully (especially your floor coverings). Likewise, all your personal belongings at home will be protected. You will not enjoy this level of comfort using DIY methods.


  • #3 Techniques and Equipment Moving on, carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS use the right kind of techniques and equipment. DIY is definitely a fine approach. Unfortunately, you may have to exert more effort for clean results. With the right kind of tools, cleaning carpets will become simpler. They will do all the figuring for you.


  • #4 Save Money A lot of DIYers feel lost and confused on how much carpet cleaning would cost. Well, DIY sessions can be more expensive than you think. That is because you must work around many hidden charges. Luckily, experienced carpet cleaners offer straightforward estimates. This means, you will know how much the entire process is bound to cost (even before starting work). Doesn’t this sound thoughtful and well-planned?


  • #5 Friendly Assistance Reputed carpet cleaning companies offer friendly services. They are trained professionals with several years of experience in the industry. They know how and when to provide the right kind of services. It is easy to approach, ask for solutions and offer suggestions. In case you want the job to be done differently, don’t think twice to voice out. Carpet cleaning service providers will definitely listen to you.


  • #6 Save Time Last but certainly not least, carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS will get the task done quickly. You don’t have to wait days (or weeks) for the job to be accomplished. The “Pros” will take care of everything for you. But yes, you must hire a professional carpet cleaning Thirsk Company .


Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614



Reasons to give carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS a call


A recent Facebook infographic details some of the most important reasons for getting your carpets cleaned.


Facebook Post


Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
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The Seven Steps Needed For Putting Home Carpet Cleaning Thirsk Company Highfield TS Into Action.

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How To Put Home Carpet Cleaning Thirsk Company Highfield TS Into Action.


How to look for a carpet cleaning Thirsk Company is easier said than done. To be honest, there are so many service providers to choose and filter from. If you are looking for a home carpet cleaner, the next few lines will definitely lend you a hand of help. These tips will make sure you find a perfect carpet cleaner company, without any hassles or tussles. These tips will help you find someone who is capable of accomplishing an outstanding job.


Highfield TS Facebook review.

#1 Take Time

First of all, you must take plenty of time. A common regret from most homeowners is “I wish I had taken few more days and hunted for the right carpet cleaning company”. When it comes to carpet cleaning, many people tend to be in a hurry. Well, you don’t have to hurry and find an inexperienced company. Instead, do lots of research and homework on who tops the current market.


If you do a search on Google you will find Highfield TS occupies 4 of the top 10 positions for carpet and stone floor cleaning.


Carpet cleaning thirsk#2 Floor Retailers

Secondly, you should approach floor retailers and in Thirsk North Yorkshire that could be Calverts Carpets. No one can know carpets better than floor retailers. Stores that specialise in selling carpets will have a good idea about carpet cleaning. They will be aware of local experts! Floor retailers will be in touch with many skilled carpet cleaning Thirsk companies too. This means they can help you hire the right person for the right kind of job.


Thirsk carpet cleaning company#3 Gather Details

Before you finalize on a carpet cleaning company, you should gather plenty of details. Check on the service provider’s experience. Have they been around for several decades? If yes, you are likely to get better quality outcomes. However, be wary! Figure out how long the company has been with orders. Check if the technicians would show up at your home. Some carpet cleaning service providers shift from one company to another. Be bold, and ask questions to figure out such companies.


best carpet cleaning company thirsk#4 Beyond Price

Never look for carpet cleaning Thirsk companies with “price alone in mind”. Indeed, you will want great value for what you pay. However, there are marked differences between value for money and cheap services. Some companies streamline tasks to reduce labour charges. These companies will be easy to bargain and bag a deal. On the other hand, standard carpet cleaning companies would have a standard quote. They will make sure you get what you actually pay for.



Highfield TS thirsk#5 Understanding Warranties

Never hire carpet cleaning Thirsk companies without being aware of their warranty. If the company is not interested in writing stuff, you must watch out. Their guarantees are unreliable marketing hooks. Stay away from companies with statements like “we are the best carpet cleaners and everything additional is free”.

Highfield TS offer what is, without a doubt, the most compelling guarantee to be found in this area.  If you are genuinely  not 100% satisfied with the service provided by Paul and Highfield TS they will endeavour to put it right.


Highfield TS feedback

#6 References

Do you know that reliable carpet cleaning companies provide references without any second thoughts? They will be happy to give you references. And as you talk to their regular clients, you will be able to understand the company’s proficiency.


Highfield TS Facebook review.



Highfield TS clients#7 Question on Unhappy Clients

Last but certainly not least, you must be aware of the company’s unhappy customers. This might sound absolutely strange. However, this is the best way to evaluate a carpet cleaning Thirsk Company.  Believe it or not but Highfield TS has never left a customer feeling unhappy.  Our 100% guarantee seen above ensures they only have satidfied customers.


Finally please follow the steps above to ensure you find the best carpet cleaning service  to meet your needs.  We are confident you search will lead you to Highfield TS so please Give Paul a Call.


Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
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How clean is your carpet

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So how clean is your carpet?  The infographic below will show where your carpet can collect all the dirt and stains that help to make it look past it’s best.

how clean is your carpet


If you would like to get your carpets looking good as new then:

Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
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If you are not

Six Features Of Carpet Cleaning Ripon Company Highfield TS That Make Everyone Love It.

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Carpet Cleaning Ripon Company Highfield TS


Not all Carpet Cleaning Ripon Companies are the same. There are marked differences between carpet cleaning services. Before you hire a carpet cleaner, you should be aware of what they offer.

According to a recent study carpet cleaning Ripon company, Highfield TS have a few features that make it special and lovable.


Carpet cleaning company ripon#1 Certifications & Training

Carpet cleaning Ripon company Highfield TS has industry certifications and training. Companies invest on training their technicians, this means they know how inspections, cleaning and restoration has to be done at your home! Likewise, technicians are asked to take up certifications on reinstallation, rug cleaning, fabric cleaning, upholstery care and water damage restoration methods. These techniques will make sure your carpets look bright and clean for a long time.



#2 Reviews and Experience

Secondly, experienced carpet cleaning Ripon company Highfield TS has plenty of positive reviews and experience. Knowledge on carpet cleaning does not come only with training and education. Instead, experience plays a very important role. Good carpet cleaners have several years of experience in the industry. They are bound to have positive reviews in search engines, social media websites and customer feedback columns. Likewise, neighbours and friends will be able to talk to you about the carpet cleaning company Highfield TS.



#3 Quality assurance

In many towns and cities, carpet cleaners come and vanish rapidly. That is why you must look for companies that have been around a long time and Highfield TS certainly has that longevity.  They have been cleaning and restoring the carpets, stone flooring and upholstery in the North East for over 15 years.  During that time, they have built up a huge fan base who come back time after time.  The variety of jobs completed has ensured the staff at Highfield TS have been exposed to the widest variety of cleaning jobs.



#4 Reasonable Investment!

You might consider carpet cleaning Ripon company Highfield TS as an expensive investment. However, professional carpet cleaners are not as expensive as you think. This is true because you pay for the excellent services you receive.   Also, if you compared the cost of a professional carpet cleaning service against the cost of new flooring then you would agree that cleaning comes out on top.



#5 Unique Cleaning Methods

A lot of homeowners opt for professional carpet cleaning Ripon companies for their cleaning methods. They use sophisticated tools and techniques to remove stubborn stains from carpets. Proficient carpet cleaning methods take care of soil extraction, soil suspension, dry soil removal and grooming. These routines will increase the overall lifetime of your carpet.




#6 Speciality Treatments

Do you know that some carpet cleaning Ripon services provide specialty treatments? These treatments make use of powerful enzymes. And, these enzymes can remove stubborn stains from carpets and rugs. Reputed carpet cleaners offer this service without any additional charges. Likewise, they use neutral or low pH treatments to make sure your carpet doesn’t attract dirt and dust particles quickly.


Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614  –  01765 647523


On the whole, there are several reasons to hire professional carpet cleaners. The experts will make sure your carpets look perfect and last longer. And, these are seven major reasons why everyone loves  Highfield TS the best carpet cleaning company in Ripon.


Ripon Carpet cleaning company


For a fast efficient 100%, satisfaction guaranteed service then give Paul at Highfield TS a call.

Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614  –  01765 647523


This Is Why Carpet Cleaning Thirsk Company Highfield TS Is So Famous!

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Carpet Cleaning Thirsk Company Highfield TS

Carpet cleaning Thirsk is a highly skilled company that can improve the overall look and feel of your hocarpet cleaning company thirskme. Professional carpet cleaners know how to enhance the life of your floor coverings. Experts claim that this is one of the finest ways to improve the overall health and lifestyle of your family.  Carpet cleaning services are extremely famous for their health benefits and if your family has members with breathing difficulties or asthma, carpet cleaning will help them. The professionals at Highfield TS will vacuum and remove dust/dirt in a smart way. If you are still not convinced with the health benefits of carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS, this article will help you!

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

Dirty carpets are filled with indoor air pollutants, allergens, pet dander, polluted particles and different types of dust! Even toxic airborne molecules get trapped in the carpets. Toxic airborne molecules are formed by everyday activities like walking and vacuuming. the professional carpet cleaning services of Highfield TS will help you get rid of these molecules. The experts use different varieties of shampoos and chemicals to clean floor coverings. These products can remove deep layers of pollutant so you must hire the professionals at Highfield TS to see long-term results. Remember that DIY methods cannot get rid of stubborn and deeply trapped pollutants easily.

thirsk carpet cleaning companySecondly, carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS will get rid of dust mite infections. Many homes (even the rich, posh ones) are affected by dust mites. Unfortunately, homeowners are unaware of these mites. That is because dust mites are microscopic creatures. Mites are not allergens but their body fragments and faeces are toxic. Due to its microscopic size, dust mites are easily inhaled too! Experienced carpet cleaners use steam cleaning to get rid of mites. The technique is used during carpet maintenance sessions. Steam cleaning exposes carpets and rugs to very high temperatures. Dust mites will not be able to survive at theses temperatures.

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Highfield TS take care mould growth too! If you live in regions with high humidity or areas where central heating is used, the chances of having dirty carpets are high and mould grows quickly on dirty carpets. If the carpet fibres are not vacuumed or dried properly, mould would grow rapidly. Doesn’t this sound unhealthy and dangerous? Luckily, Highfield TS know how to get rid of mould and mildew. Professionals use powerful drying tools to remove moisture. As you eliminate moisture, you can prevent mould formation.

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Very Many Benefits!

In additional to health benefits, carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS promise the following benefits:

For a FREE assessment and No obligation quote give Paul a call at Highfield TS.

Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
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5 Things About Carpet Cleaning Northallerton Company Highfield TS You Have To Experience For Yourself.

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Carpet Cleaning Northallerton

Carpet cleaning Northallerton has evolved massively in the past few years. This can be attributed to the fact that carpets and rugs are long term investments and more-and-more customers are looking for experCarpet Cleaners Northallertonienced carpet cleaners. Regular vacuuming may remove dust and dirt from carpets. However, you will not be able to get rid of allergens lying deeper. In fact, conventional cleaning strategies don’t get rid of dust mites, tough food spills or foot traffic. That is why you must hire an experienced

However, you will not be able to get rid of allergens lying deeper. In fact, conventional cleaning strategies don’t get rid of dust mites, tough food spills or foot traffic. That is why you must hire an experienced carpet cleaning Northallerton Company Highfield TS. Highfield TS will help you increase the quality and lifespan of your carpets. They use high quality equipment and techniques to leave clean and fresh carpets behind.


Here are five interesting things about carpet cleaning Northallerton company Highfield TS.


Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
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10 ways Carpet Cleaning Thirsk can help your carpets live longer

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Carpet Cleaning Thirsk

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Highfield TS can show 10 ways when carpet cleaning Thirsk.   Carpets add a lot of visual beauty to your home. Besides making your home look stylish, carpets also keep your rooms warm and reduce your heating bills. While attractive carpets can enhance the look of your room, an untidy carpet can single-handedly ruin the ambiance and appearance of the entire space. In order to ensure that the carpets influence your space positively, you need to get them cleaned by a professional company like Highfield TS when Carpet Cleaning Thirsk regularly. Here are 10 reasons why.

Hiring a professional Carpet Cleaning Thirsk is definitely worth it.

Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614


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Carpet Cleaning Thirsk | What Experts Are Saying

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Carpet Cleaning Thirsk

Carpet Cleaning Thirsk is a dynamic enterprise committed to service excellence and professionalism. To face cleaning old, stained and tired looking carpets can be a daunting task. The ordinary busy person can be simply overwhelmed. They might put off doing anything until even more damage and expense seems likely. Highfield TS when Carpet Cleaning Thirsk can take on that task, and more importantly:carpet cleaning thirsk




Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614




Highfield TS experts in carpet cleaning.

Experts in carpet cleaning in particular have noted some key aspects around the service provided by Carpet Cleaning Thirsk.


These are the key characteristics of the service, as identified by a range of experts in the carpet cleaning business. While each of these characteristics is important individually, in combination they add up to an exceptional service. A remarkable set of skills is on display. Highfield TS, Thirsk carpet cleaners are a leader in carpet cleaning and should be considered first by any potential customers who want to get top service and professionalism.


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Carpet Cleaning Ripon Success Story you’ll never believe.

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Carpet Cleaning Ripon

Carpet Cleaning Ripon. Most people love to buy carpets for their home because using these comfortable and well designed fabrics makes them feel good and protected. Keeping your carpet cleaned and well maintained is an indispensable job if your carpets are dirty and starts embarrassing you when visitors come to your house, office or showroom. Using the right methods of carpet cleaning is really crucial because it can make a significant difference to Carpet Cleaning Riponthe overall appearance and life span of your carpet.

How do you clean your carpet? It is really not easy to clean a carpet on your own. Just like most of the people, you also use vacuum cleaner or if it is a rug you can take it outdoors and hit it hard with stick to take out the embedded dirt. Well, these are not the most effective methods of cleaning a carpet.

Highfield TS, when carpet cleaning in Ripon could be the best solution for your carpet cleaning requirement.

Now you should really know a how a professional service like Highfield TS, when carpet cleaning in Ripon works:
The highly skilled carpet cleaning service, Highfield TS mainly uses two methods of carpet cleaning: Steam cleaning and dry cleaning. These two methods are very effective in taking out the embedded dust and dirt from your carpet. Now you should know about the benefits of such services.


Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614 / 01765 647523


Special eco-detergents and tools:

Carpet cleaning Ripon services make use of special eco-detergents which are not available in commercial stores and most people don’t even know about these eco-detergents. The use of these eco-detergents makes the process of cleaning carpets more thorough by removing the germs, molds and dust mites.

An unclean carpet is the ideal place for different types of germs, molds, bacteria and dust mites to live. It can get you infected with allergies and possibly exacerbate a number of other illnesses like asthma. Vacuum cleaning is not very effective in getting rid of most of these problems. A complete thorough cleaning is required which is done through the commercial methods that Highfield TS and their team of expert professionals provide.

Eliminates the foul smell from your carpet:

If you do not clean your carpet for a long time, there might be a foul smell in the room or the place. With the help of a commercial carpet cleaning service like Highland TS you can actually get rid of the foul smell. You can actually make your room fresher.

A complete new look:

A commercial carpet cleaning Ripon service can actually give a complete new look to your carpet. It actually gives a new life to your carpet and the room it is in.

You can find a lot of carpet cleaning services available in Ripon but if you are looking for the most effective carpet cleaning Ripon service then you should give Paul a call at Highfield TS.


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5 Easy Steps to Carpet Cleaning Northallerton

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Carpet Cleaning Northallerton

Highfield TS is the carpet cleaning Northallerton initiative of Paul Coulthard who has over 15 years in carpet cleaning services. The main concern of his company is to satisfy the customers and not leave them unhappy.

There are five major steps in the process of carpet cleaning and Highfield TS helps you with all of them.


 Step 1: Preparations 

There are preparations that need to be done when Highfield TS workers arrive to carry out carpet cleaningcarpet cleaning Northallerton in Northallerton. The technicians do an inspection which gives them an idea about the carpet history and its condition. In this process, they may come across several potential and permanent stains. Then comes the removal of dry soil which takes place through vacuuming. Customers need do very little upon our arrival. Perhaps only move a few smaller items from the room.  Highfield TS are more than happy to move furniture about whilst they work.

The real preparations begin by applying a preconditioning agent to all the spots with traffic area soil and other spots for complete and thorough cleaning. There are spots that are very stubborn and are not easily removed. Such spots are treated with special eco-friendly cleaning substances.

Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614  – 01609 765273


 Step 2: Extract and Rinse 

After your carpet is all prepared, it is groomed with a carpet groomer or rather a rotary cleaning machine. The kind of machine used depends on the soil level in the carpet. All the preparations loosen the soil and that is when the real thing begins. Highfield TS’ state of the art Hot Water Extraction Machine. This thoroughly flushes the carpet pile. To prevent any kind of water logging, pressure and heat and consistently regulated.


 Step 3: Neutralizer 

A pH level of 7 is a neutral level, neither acidic nor basic. That is exactly the level you want your carpet to reach. A neutral level saves any sticky residue from being left behind. This step is carried out to maintain the softness and freshness of the carpet.


 Step 4: Post Grooming 

If any stains and spots are left untreated during the cleaning process, they are removed in this step. But one needs to keep in mind that any permanent stains as mentioned by technicians when carpet cleaning in Northallerton cannot be removed. The carpet is then groomed so that it stands tall and dries faster.


carpet cleaning Northallerton

 Step 5: Drying and Post inspection 

For quick drying, high-velocity air movers are used. To promote fast drying this happens just after the cleaning is completed. A post-inspection takes place to check that you are happy with the carpet cleaning in Northallerton providers had in store for you.

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How did Highfield TS become the best company for carpet cleaning Thirsk?

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 Carpet cleaning Thirsk.

When we think about being the best, what comes to mind? Quality, integrity, efficiency? These are just a few of the words customers have used to convey their reactions to the best company for carpet cleaning Thirsk.

Highfield TS delivers these results every time. Their attitude towards their work is the same towards each and every challenge. Do the job to the highest standard possible.

So, let’s take each of these qualities and show what approach Highfield TS has used to become recognised for the best carpet cleaning in Thirsk…

Carpet cleaning  Thirsk Quality in a vivid spectrum

The standard of quality is defined in every piece of work Highfield TS has done. One example shown on their blog demonstrates this visibly. When faced with a seemingly impossible situation, having to remove ingrained paint, they delivered a fresh, clean carpet. This was paint that had been deeply embedded, and was a vivid pink colour.Carpet Cleaning Thirsk

As Paul, the owner of the business put it, “we worked extremely hard to ensure that the carpet could be saved”. This dedication to duty shows the level of commitment to the company ethics of quality and customer service.

Now, while most people would think a good shampoo would clean a carpet well, this actually runs contrary to fact. In the above case it took considerable adaptation of years of knowledge to produce the best carpet cleaning in Thirsk.

In fact, one of the key points that Paul gives is never to clean a stain with a cheap detergent. This will actually make the stain worse, and give a commercial cleaner a harder time, thus increasing your costs. Again, this shows the attention to quality of service that Highfield TS provides. Only the best advice will do.

Integrity, a key standard for any successful carpet cleaning  businessCarpet cleaning thirsk after

Highland TS prides itself on always being honest and upfront with its customers. They provide a no obligation free quote based on the work required. The materials and chemicals used in the cleaning process are always eco-friendly and safe.

Additionally, the use of high quality products ensures that the finished floor is one that will last. You will be given the correct information on what upkeep is required, and the assurance of a job well done.

One example from recent jobs was on a commercial stone floor. It had become worn and needed the grout work redone as well. All of this was factored into the cost and given to the client upfront. The results really speak for themselves.

Efficiency – Getting the job done quickly.

The differences between ‘cowboys’ and a company like Highland TS, are many. But, one of the key differences is efficiency. Paul and his team get things done quickly, to an exceptional standard, when cleaning any floor.

One client had an emergency situation when a water pipe burst. Highland TS got out to the

Stone floor cleaning yorkshire

Stone floor cleaning yorkshire

property in a short time. Four hours later, the carpets were clean and dry.

The efficiency of this process is another factor that sets Paul’s team apart. The best carpet cleaning in Thirsk is provided by his company.

Costs – Far cheaper than a new carpet

So what about costs? Does this mean that getting a professional in to clean your carpets or stone flooring is going to cost a kings ransom?

Well, you would be surprised how little it is. Nearly every customer comments on how reasonably the service is priced.

One example quoted on the blog page, states that a landlord only had to pay £150 to have carpets cleaned. This was in a situation where the landlord thought he would be shelling out £100’s to get new carpets.

Again, Highland TS came to the rescue.

So if you are thinking of getting new carpets, or there has been an accident, call Highland TS first, to get a no obligation free quote from the best carpet cleaning Thirsk and beyond.

3.30 am Call From Police. Highfield TS To The Rescue

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Last week one of our clients was woken up by a call from the Police.

This was to let them know an alarm was going off at their business premises.

A flood was the reason for this. A water pipe had burst.

We got a message at 7.00 am asking if we could help, to recover the water from the floors.

I was able to re-schedule our diary, and Ben was there at 8.45.

It took four hours to recover all the water and leave the floors dry.

Ripon Carpet Cleaner

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Ripon Carpet Cleaner

Ripon carpet cleaner.

Ripon carpet cleaner has never been better now that Highfield TS has their second van on the road.  If you see the Highfield TS van driving round the ripon area you will know there is about to be another Ripon Carpet Cleanersatisfied customer with expertly cleaned carpets or stone floor.

Highfield TS have 15 years experience in the carpet, stone floor and upholstery business and they now have many hundreds of satisfied customers.  You only have to look at Highfield TS Facebook page to read the many positive reviews left by satisfied and happy customers.

Ben is one of Highfield TS’ skilled and professional  floor cleaning specialists and he is one of the reasons why Highfield TS does such a professional job when they are carpet cleaning in Ripon.  When you add the list of other reasons then it is easy to see why customers constantly return year after year.

Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614 / 01765 647523

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Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers and more reviews can be found here:


If you see our Ripon based Carpet Cleaner Ben, be sure to give him a beep !

For professional Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, and Natural Stone Floorcare in Ripon Call 01765 647523


Carpet Stain Removal Thirsk

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Blood Stained Carpet

Blood Stained Carpet

We received a call to attend a blood stained carpet in Thirsk. We were able to attend quickly which pleased our customer. It turned out to be a situation we have come across many times before. The elderly customer had had a burst blood vessel. Unfortunately the light coloured wool mix carpet took the brunt of it. There had been approximately 1/2 litre of blood spilt, the odds of us being able to remove the stain were stacked against us.The Result

The truth is; on this occasion we failed ! However as you can see from the picture, it was greatly improved. Our customer was impressed as he was doubtful if it would come off at all.

Should you ever have a stain of this nature, blot up as much as you can with a towel then call a professional. If you use cleaning products of your own, it makes it harder for the professional carpet cleaner.



Cleaning Safety Flooring

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We were asked recently to clean the Safety Flooring at a North Yorkshire Football Club.

They were very happy with the results, and agreed the work carried out created a much better environment for the team going in to the new season.

Changing Room Floor After

Changing Room Floor After

Changing Room Floor Before

Changing Room Floor Before

Carpet Cleaning Company York

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What is one of the greatest challenges for carpet cleaners? It is the sheer scale of varying stains that can be found on different types of carpets.

Carpets PatleyWhile some may feel daunted by this evolving challenge; Highfield TS are driven by it and we use our varied skillset in order to produce the best possible clean carpets.

We received a call from a distressed North Yorkshire landlord; at the end of a tenancy. He was worried that he was going to have to replace carpets within his property after they had been badly treated. He was apprehensive about covering the cost of new carpets and asked for our help.

It is so often the case that carpets in rental properties experience tougher than normal use and care. It is accepted that some tenants may wear shoes on the carpets, they may not be careful about cleaning stains when they happen and they may not have the same standards as the property owners.

This is not always the case; but our client felt as though the flooring was left in a mess and wanted to find a cost-effective solution.

Carpet Cleaning Company YorkFor less than £150, we thoroughly cleaned the carpets and brought them back to life. This property in Patley then offered a well-presented appearance for potential new tenants.

Top Tips for Clean Carpets:

We work regularly with landlords, offering a tailored and flexible approach. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service from a reputable and professional Company; look no further. Call Highfield TS today and we will arrange a quotation that is convenient for you.

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