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6 Reasons You Will Be Amazed When You Hire Highfield TS For Your Yorkshire Stone Floor Cleaning

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Yorkshire Stone Floor Cleaning is one service you must consider using when confronted by a stone cleaning task no matter how daunting or little. It may seem that nothing short of replacement could ever deal with the mess that your stone floor might be in. There really is no need to panic. There are 6 reasons you will be amazed when you hire Highfield TS for your Yorkshire stone floor cleaning.

  1. When it comes to their products, Highfield TS use only the best quality. Consideration for health and the environment is taken into account with the use of eco-friendly products too. The team at Highfield TS has done its research thoroughly and uses only the most advanced methods in stone floor cleaning. You can be confident that this is an up to date enterprise, committed to applying best practice in Yorkshire stone floor cleaning.


  1. The staff are comprehensively trained and equipped. They know how to use the relevant technologies Highfield TS has identified as being the most effective for the job. In providing this service the staff are a specialised elite. They are also friendly and willing to share their knowledge and experience.


  1. Highfield TS is willing and able to take on all types of floor cleaning challenges, whether maintenance cleaning or the more challenging deep cleaning. It makes no difference what the size, floor type or condition of the floor is. No matter how impossible it may seem, Highfield TS will take on the challenge and propose a solution.


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  1. The prices offered are extremely competitive. The hesitation in taking on necessary work often derives from the fear of repair cost. Highfield TS can take much of that fear away. Cost-effective solutions are on offer for stone floor stripping, resealing and cleaning. Come and be surprised at what the team can suggest for your needs.


  1. Yorkshire stone floor cleaning as provided by Highfield TS covers an amazing range of stone floor cleanings, including ceramic, Victorian tiles, granite, Indian slate, limestone, travertine and Brazilian slate, as well as synthetic flooring. You may doubt that your particular type of stone flooring is something we could tackle. Don’t hesitate to inquire and we will advise.

If you are curious about how Highfield TS can help you with your Yorkshire Stone Floor Cleaning
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  1. The good news isn’t over when the cleaning is done. Highfield TS offers a comprehensive stone floor maintenance service too. The best advice and methods for keeping your stone floors clean for the future are available to further enhance your experience.


These are 6 reasons to be amazed when you hire Highfield TS. As a team long experienced in the stone floor cleaning business, you can have confidence that this enterprise knows what it’s about and can take on your project professionally and efficiently. There is no need to hesitate any longer. Yorkshire stone floor cleaning has never been so easy, so within reach and ultimately so satisfying when you opt for Highfield TS.


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10 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Stone Cleaning Company

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New Stone Cleaning Company


If you are curious about how Highfield TS can help you with your Stone Floor Cleaning
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When is professional stone cleaning required? Check out the major signs that you need to hire an expert company to give your stone floor the look and feel that it had when it was first installed. Don’t hesitate to act in case of:


1. Darker Colour than the Natural One
This is the primary sign that your stone floor has become dirty. Dust, dirt and possibly sand particles have got into the pores and regular vacuuming or sweeping simply won’t cut it. Deep stone cleaning is the only solution.



2. Stubborn Stains
Liquid can easily find its way through the porous structure of stone unless it is blotted quickly or there is properly applied sealant in place. Experts remove stains based on their chemical composition to deliver top results.



3. Dirty Grout
It looks particularly unpleasant, so there is no time to waste. It’s porous too and this makes deep cleaning mandatory for removing the dirt particles stuck inside.


4. Previously Used Harmful Materials
It’s a serious mistake to use acidic, bleach-based and abrasive cleaners on stone floors as they could cause discolouration, deep scratches and other issues. The good news is that an experienced stone cleaning company can restore the floors and give them the look and feel that you require.


5. Scratches Left by Cleaning Tools
These could be mops which have not been properly rinsed or vacuum attachments that have got worn. The tools used for cleaning stone floors should include only dust mops, which are maintained in excellent condition, soft-bristled vacuum cleaner attachments and professional brush and pad machines.

Don’t take our word for it, please read what some of our satisfied customers have said on Facebook about our work.

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6. Incorrectly Applied Sealant
This is a major reason to hire a new stone cleaning company. When the sealant is not applied in the proper way, it may not be able to do its job as required. Besides, some sections could peel off and cause the floor to look less than perfect.


7. Recently Completed Restoration Project
Even if you’ve taken all measures to protect your precious floors, they could have still “absorbed” some dust and debris particles because of their porous nature. That is why it makes sense to opt for deep stone cleaning. It will help you to achieve absolute perfection.


8. Poor Maintenance Over the Years
If you’ve just moved into a new home with a gorgeous stone floor, but it looks as if it hasn’t received proper care, it’s time to take action. Remember that deep cleaning, designed to remove all kinds of dirt particles, can be done along with polishing and completed with sealant application.


9. Lack of Frequent Cleaning Previously
Unless you clean your stone floor frequently, some dirt particles will get in and move deeper and deeper into the stone. Eventually, they will be impossible to remove with regular cleaning and the experts will have to step in.


10. Requirements for Higher Quality
If you have used a service previously and it has not met your requirements when it comes to cleaning quality and overall quality, it makes sense to move on. You can hire the experienced specialists of Highfield TS for stone cleaning and restoration. 


If you are curious about how Highfield TS can help you with your Stone Floor Cleaning
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10 Signs You Should Invest in Stone Floor Restoration

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stone floor restoration




This is box title
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The cool feel and the unique patterns make stone floors incredibly attractive and even enchanting.
But how about maintenance? If you don’t give them enough care or you make a mistake while cleaning, it could cost you. The good news is that modern stone floor restoration methods are highly advanced and produce superb results. Find out when you will need to call a professional company to restore your stone floor.


  1. Dirt that Can’t Be Removed

The floor looks as if it has a darker film over it and no washing with a mop can help. The only solution to this problem is deep cleaning with a specially formulated product and special brush and pad machines.

  1. Discolouration Affecting the Floor’s Look

It is most often caused by chemicals, either spilled accidentally or used for cleaning. The list includes pool chemicals, acidic liquids and ammonia, to name the main ones. Experts can remove discoloration with special treatment designed to target the very nature of the stain.

  1. Clearly Visible Scratches

These are usually left by dirt and sand particles which people have brought in. This issue is common even in places where the floors are cleaned regularly. One way to fight the problem is to place doormats at the doors. Scratches can also be caused by abrasive cleaning materials and worn tools. Stone floor restoration involves polishing which makes scratches go away.

  1. Deep Stains

They require special treatment based on their nature. Most can be effectively removed without a single trace remaining.

  1. Sealant in Poor Condition

When it has been improperly installed, it could cause more harm than good. The worn and damaged sealant should be removed and the floor should be cleaned, if necessary before high-quality sealant is applied in the right way.


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  1. Dirty and/or Stained Grout

Deep cleaning as part of stone floor restoration is the only solution to this problem. Refrain from homemade solutions like making a paste with baking soda and vinegar as the acid could damage the stone.

  1. Visible Cracks or Pieces Chipped Off

These issues are not common given how strong stone is, but with proper repair, the floor can be as good as new once again. It’s essential for the job to be done accurately.

  1. Dull Top Surface

This could happen to marble and terrazzo floors which can suffer from heavy traffic over time. The solution involves gentle removal of the topmost layer of the stone, so that the new one can come up and truly shine.

  1. Lack of Lustre

This issue is easily resolved with polishing which is an integral part of stone floor restoration. With some types of stone such as terracotta and travertine, you can opt for a high-gloss finish which is super chic.

  1. It’s Time for a New Look

Your stone floor could be in good condition, but if you want to give it a makeover, you can opt for restoration with confidence. It’s perfectly possible for a floor with a glossy finish to regain its natural look with the right technique.

When you decide to go for stone floor restoration, it’s important to pick the right professionals for the job. Highfield TS is a specialist company with long-term experience and solid reputation.


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York Stone Floor Cleaning: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

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York Stone Floor Cleaning


Strong and beautiful, York stone could be the perfect choice of floor covering for various areas in the home. I simply love it, but I couldn’t imagine that it required special care when I chose it for my house. Now I’m completely confident about York stone floor cleaning, but I wish I were better prepared at the start. Here are the key things which I believe every owner should be aware of.



  •  It’s Necessary Quite Often. 

    The tiny invisible pores of this stone can collect considerable amounts of dust and dirt particles, so weekly sweeping or vacuuming is crucial. Because of the nature of the material, professional cleaning of your York Stone floor is necessary at least once a year.

  •  Special Cleaning Agents Are Required.  

    You can’t clean this type of stone floor with traditional cleaning agents as they are typically acidic and can cause damage which may not be simple to fix later on. It’s essential that you use cleaning agents formulated especially for stone.

  •  Safe Equipment Is Key.  

    Just like all types of stone, this material is prone to scratching. That is why you must forget about hard-bristle brushes. You should also refrain from using plastic vacuum cleaner attachments which are worn. Worn wheels are not good for your floor either. Given this, you should use a soft-bristle brush attachment for vacuuming or a soft mop for sweeping. You can expect York stone floor cleaning specialists to use brush and pad machines for delivering effective results safely.

  •  DIY Doesn’t Produce Great Results.  

    While it is possible to hire equipment and buy advanced cleaning agents, I’ve discovered that I can’t achieve professional results simply because I’m not very good at making the accurate adjustments and using the right cleaner amounts.

  •  Stain Removal Isn’t Straightforward.  

    Blotting spills is one thing, but deep stains are quite difficult to remove. You have to know their origins and what treatment will be both effective and safe for the stone. When it comes to such tasks, I rely on professionals.

  •  Sealant Removal May Be Required.  

    When the sealant isn’t of good quality or has not been properly applied, it should be removed, because it can do more harm than good at the end of the day. I learned this from experience.

  •  Getting Reliable Protection Is Mandatory.  

    After deep York stone floor cleaning, the best way to keep the results is sealant application. It has to be of top quality and to be applied accurately.

  •  More Than Cleaning May Be Needed. 

    I do my best to protect the floor from scratching, but it doesn’t always work. That is why I often use polishing services along with cleaning ones. The results are awesome.

  •  It’s Easy to Achieve the Desired Aesthetics. 

    While cleaning helps York stone to regain its natural beauty, I’ve always found that it could look even better with some lustre. That is why I usually opt for a high-gloss finish when it comes to polishing.

  •   You Can Get Top Results in Little Time. 

    I’ve discovered this when using the expert York stone floor cleaning services of Highfield TS.




Highfield TS – North Yorkshire Stone cleaners – Call Us Today Or Apply Online Now! Over 15 Years Experience Fully Insured Operator · 100’s Of Happy Customers.



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10 Things Everyone Hates About York Stone Floor Cleaning

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 York Stone Floor Cleaning


Cleaning York stone floor


The advantages of York stone flooring are known to everyone – fantastic aesthetics, huge durability and completely hypoallergenic. Where most people get it wrong when evaluating this option is maintenance. It’s not as simple as we’d all like it to be. That is why it is common to hear local homeowners complaining about DIY York stone floor cleaning. Discover the negative aspects and how they can be fixed.


 1. Scrubbing Could Be Damaging  

This age-old cleaning technique isn’t recommended for stone floors as it could leave some nasty scratches, especially if a hard-bristled brush is used. You should blot spills quickly, but in case of stains, it’s better to use professional York stone floor cleaning services.


 2. Not All Vacuum Cleaners Work  

Vacuuming York stone floors is important, but worn attachment and vacuum cleaner wheels could scratch them, so you’d better watch out. It’s best to use a dry mop for sweeping such floors regularly.


 3. Frequent Mop Changing Required 

Since even sponge mops can collect dirt particles, sand and tiny debris, they should be changed frequently to avoid scratching the stone floor. It may be a bit annoying, but this is the way to protect your investment.


 4. Traditional Cleaners Could Be Dangerous 

Even if there is a tiny amount of acid or bleach in the cleaning agent, this could have a considerable adverse impact on the stone tiles. Similarly, abrasive cleaners can scratch the surface. When you hire York stone floor cleaning services, you can expect the provider to use only safe products. When you buy ones for home use, make sure that they are formulated especially for stone.


 5. The Need for Quick Reaction in case of a Spill 

You need to jump off the couch and blot the spill right away. Otherwise, it may penetrate into the porous stone and leave a stain.


 6. Challenges with Grout Cleaning 

Usually, you’d scrub grout with an acidic solution to clean it, but this simply doesn’t work when you have York stone tile. Professional deep cleaning is the best way to get effective results safely.


 7. Inability to Overcome Surface Dullness 

This issue is usually due to extensive use and can arise even if the floor receives perfect care from the owner. You can fix it by hiring a professional company which offers not only cleaning, but full restoration services, which include stripping and polishing.


 8. Darkening of the Floor Despite Regular Cleaning 

Even with regular vacuuming, sweeping and washing, some dust and dirt particles may remain in the pores of the stone, leaving the floor looking darker than it is. You can fix this with professional York stone floor cleaning.


 9. Different Stains Have to Be Treated Differently 

While hot water and a solution with mild detergent could help in some cases, chemical stains, in particular, require professional treatment. If you make experiments by yourself, you could end up causing more damage.


 10. The Sealant Is at Risk of Damage 

If you use inappropriate cleaning techniques and methods, you can easily damage the sealant which protects the stone from dirt and stains.


To solve this problem effectively, you can hire a professional York stone floor cleaning service provider that specializes in applying sealant too. Highfield TS are local specialists with excellent reviews.


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The Biggest Problem With Stone Floor Restoration, And How You Can Fix It

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The Biggest Problem With Stone Floor Restoration.

Are you considering stone floor restoration? Then you should have a clear idea of how it should be done. When the job is done properly, you will have a floor which looks awesome and is in top shape.


What Could Go Wrong

Poor understanding of the nature of the stone which requires restoration is perhaps the most serious issue which you can encounter. It’s one thing to deal with marble and another to work with granite or terracotta. Each type of stone has its own characteristics that should be taken into account. For example, some types are more porous than others and this causes them to stain more easily. The solution could be sealing or impregnation, with the choice once again depending on the structure of the stone. Similarly, some types of stone like marble benefit from stripping followed by polishing, as this enables them to have their natural beauty on display always.  The experienced floor tecnicians at Highfield TS are experienced in the field of restoring stone floors and you can rest assured they will do a professional job.

restoring a stone floor

While stone is amazingly strong and durable, it could get damaged if it doesn’t receive the appropriate treatment. When it comes to stone floor restoration, the choice of materials and tools is essential. The ideal cleaning product is pH-neutral and does an excellent job with getting into the pores of the stone and picking up those nasty dirt, sand and debris particles which cause dullness and making the natural colour darker. In the same way, it’s crucial for the tools used for cleaning, polishing and other jobs to be in perfect condition. A new polishing pad should be used for each job, for instance.

How to Get the Best Results

It’s not hard at all to avoid the key issues described above. You just need to know how to hire the right company for stone floor restoration. It involves some research, but it will all be worth it in the end. While it makes sense to read views and to take into account the experience of the company, you should focus extensively on the techniques, materials and equipment which they use.

The main restoration techniques include deep cleaning, polishing and sealing or impregnation. The cleaning should involve stain removal. It’s essential for each stain to be treated individually, given its nature.

stone floor cleaning


Polishing is effective for removing scratches left by all kinds of abrasive particles. Sometimes, it is not sufficient, however. In such cases, depending on the nature of the stone, the specialists use a technique called stripping for the removal of the topmost layer of the stone. It could be the ideal solution for discolouration, deep scratches, great dullness and improperly applied sealant which has done more harm than good over time.

When it comes to sealing as part of restoring the stone floor, you have to ensure that the service provider will use a proven application technique and a product which is suitable for your stone and is also of very high quality. It is also possible to have a glossy finish added to your floor to enhance its natural lustre. A top company like Highfield TS can provide a restoration service and will offer these option.

Now you know how to deal with the biggest problem associated with stone floor restoration. You can hire experts in the field like Highfield TS with confidence.


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The Pros and Cons of Stone Cleaning

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Stone Cleaning

Stone flooring is exceptionally beautiful and extremely durable too. Given that it is also a large investment for any household or business, it requires proper care. Undoubtedly, stone cleaning is essential, but are you sure that you are doing it right? Find out how it should be done and what cleaning methods and agents should be avoided at all costs.

Key Benefits to Consider

stone cleaningStone cleaning is required often. Since stone is porous, a liquid can get absorbed quite quickly. While high-quality sealant will slow down the process immensely, you should be quick to act and wipe the floor with soft white kitchen paper towel. Since dirt particles can scratch the surface, frequent cleaning with a dust mop is equally important. It makes sense to use professional deep surface cleaning at least once a year or more often if required. They could be useful after major home renovation projects too. Let’s see the main benefits that you will get with them.


Dirt removal

stone cleaning yorkshireWith a cleaning solution that removes dirt and sand particles and other debris, the stone floor will get its natural looks back. Tools like rotary pad machines help to achieve perfection. It’s great to see the dark film going away.





Stain removal

professional stone floor cleaningIf the spilt liquid has already penetrated into the stone, it’s better to leave the stain removal job to the specialists. They will use a chemical treatment which will remove the stain without causing harm to the flooring.



Shiny grout

highfield TS stone cleanersThis material is porous just like stone, so it collects dirt and tiny debris particles over time. With deep cleaning, it will regain its natural colour.




Perfect safety

north yorkshire stone floor cleanersWhen you opt for professional stone cleaning, you can have peace of mind that all materials and used are completely safe for your floors. You should not worry about them causing discolouration, scratches or more serious damage.







Effective future protection

protect stone floorThe application of sealant after cleaning is not mandatory, but it is highly desirable, as it will provide reliable protection from dirt and stains. When the sealant is applied correctly, it will enhance the appearance of the floor and last for a long time.




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Major Mistakes to Avoid

When stone cleaning is not done correctly, it could go terribly wrong. Often, it is homeowners opting for the wrong kinds of materials and/or tools who cause damage. Let’s take a look at what you should stay away from:

Applying acidic solutions – While white vinegar and lemon juice are commonly recommended as “universal” home cleaning agents, they could cause damage to stone because of their acidic nature. Avoid the use of commercial products containing acidic compounds also.

Using tools that can scratch the floor – Don’t vacuum your stone floor with a vacuum cleaner whose wheels and/or attachments are worn as they can easily scratch the surface. You can use a soft dry mop for sweeping the floor clean instead.

Now you have a clear idea of the wrong way and the right way to clean stone floors. When it comes to professional stone cleaning, you can rely on Highfield TS to do an excellent job.

If you love your stone floor then you will want to ensure it is being looked after by professionals.  Highfield TS has 16 years experience in the specialist stone floor cleaning industry and a number of positive reviews they have collected shows they only offer the very best service.


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Stone Floor Cleaning – 5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong.

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Stone Floor Cleaning

It’s important to make stone floor cleaning an integral part of home maintenance. Stone is exceptionally durable in addition to having a unique charm, but it is a natural material and its porous structure requires extra care to be exercised on the part of owners. Regrettably, it’s common for people to make mistakes when cleaning stone floors. Discover what you should not do and what to do instead.

  1. Vacuuming the Wrong Way

stone floor cleaningMany experts recommend that you simply sweep dirt with a soft dry mop. However, this could be a tedious task, which has to be done every few days if not daily to produce the desired results. Without a doubt, vacuuming is more effective, but you should know how to do it properly.

Use the attachment with the softest bristles and slide it on the floor gently. Remember that pushing it down too hard could cause scratches. Additionally, it’s essential that the wheels and legs of the vacuum cleaner are not worn as they could scratch the surface badly. Consider using pads and covers, if needed, to achieve the best stone floor cleaning results.

  1. Slow Reaction to Spills

stone cleaning spillsThe different types of stone can absorb liquid quite quickly, with the actual rate depending on how porous they are. While high-quality sealant can keep the liquid out for a long time, it may penetrate eventually. That is why you should clean spills immediately. Use a white cloth or kitchen paper towel to wipe the liquid. Don’t press against the floor as you may push some liquid down. In case of an oily stain, dampen the cloth or paper towel in hot water for best stone floor cleaning results.

  1. Using Classic Homemade Cleaners

stone floor cleasningYou’ve heard how solutions with lemon juice and vinegar could do wonders for removing grime from all kinds of surfaces, right? The truth is that they could damage stone because of their acidic composition. If you want to prepare an effective solution, you should use soap with neutral pH and no acidic ingredients. Alternatively, you can use a specially formulated stone cleaner.



  1. Experimenting with Grout Cleaning

cleaning stone floorGrout is notorious for getting too dirty, too quickly, but this doesn’t mean that you have to scrub it with an abrasive cleaner and a hard-bristled brush, especially when it keeps together stone tiles. The best solution to the problem is deep grout cleaning performed by a professional who can do the job safely. It makes sense for it to be an integral part of stone floor cleaning.



  1. Provide Full Protection

protect stone floorModern sealants don’t alter the natural texture and colours of stone floors. Quite the opposite, they can enhance them. When the application of a sealant is not possible because of the nature of the stone, impregnation could do an equally good job. Remember that you have to put effort into protecting the stone floor too. Place doormats at the entryways of your house and consider placing rugs in high-traffic areas. Shake them regularly to minimise the risk of abrasive particles harming your stone floor.

To ensure that you will get effective professional stone floor cleaning, you can count on the specialists of Highfield TS.


If you have any questions regarding stone floor cleaning or any other floor or upholstery cleaning then:


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4 Mistakes Highfield TS Will Avoid When Cleaning York Stone Floors

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Cleaning York Stone Floors

York stone floors are a lovely feature of any residential or office area. It is important to look after them as even the best stone floor can deteriorate in time. Highfield TS offers a comprehensive York stone floor cleaning and maintenance service. We are professionals who know how best to tackle the challenges that stone floors can pose. It is easily possible to make mistakes when deciding what to do when thinking about York stone floor cleaning unless you really know what you’re doing. The following are 4 mistakes you will certainly avoid if you choose Highfield TS to deal with any Yorkshire stone floors you may have.


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york stone floor cleaning

  • Using the wrong cleaning products. It is vitally important to use products that will not damage your stone. An inappropriate, highly concentrated cleaning agent, or acidic substances, may stain your floor, and cost more in further repairs. Highfield TS have the latest and best products that are eco-friendly and employ professional staff who apply the right products in the right amounts for best results.

  • Using the wrong tools. Highfield TS does not use inappropriate abrasive tools that could damage your stone floor. Our staff are trained in the use of the right tools and can provide advice for you in the ongoing maintenance of your Yorkshire stone floors.


  • Paying too much. Highfield TS can precisely identify your needs and what will be required to complete thbest carpet cleaning company thirske cleaning job. Sometimes it is not obvious what needs to be done. Only professional insight and advice can reduce the risk of paying out more than intended if a job becomes more complicated or the wrong options are chosen initially. Our team is highly skilled in a wide range of stone for cleaning, includingVictorian tiles, granite, Indian slate, limestone, travertine and Brazilian slate. Whether the job entails maintenance cleaning or deep cleaning, and no matter what the size, condition or floor type, our company will offer a competitive price that will more accurately reflect the costs of the job.


  • Frustration with the company employed. Sometimes you choose the wrong company but this can be avoided. Highfield TS has a friendly professional staff of long experience in this business. We know what we are doing and value our work highly. We have a strong reputation for quality which we constantly work to maintain and improve. Your job is not just another job to us but a real opportunity to put our skills at your service. If we are hired, you will avoid regretting having decided to address the issue of cleaning your cleaning York stone floors.

These simple mistakes, involving using the wrong cleaning products, using the wrong tools, paying too much, and frustration with the company employed, can all be avoided. If they are not avoided then there is likely to be subsequent frustration and financial cost, perhaps serious. To ensure you do enjoy your York stone floors, and can maintain them to the high standard they deserve, choose Highfield TS for cleaning York stone floors every time.


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Here’s What No One Tells You About York stone floor restoration company Highfield TS.

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York Stone Floor Restoration Company Highfield TS

Do you wish to hire a York stone floor restoration company? Are you hunting for someone who can give you that picture perfect York Stone floor? Or, do you want someone who can help you restore ceramic tiles faster? The process of installing, maintaining and restoring floors is a challenging process and If you want the job to be accomplished successfully, you must hire the right “company”.  This is definitely a daunting task and the many people you turn to for advice will not be able to give you proper information about restoring a york stone floor.  Therefore, you should do your fair share of study and homework.


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York Stone Floor Restoration

Details About Past and Current Customers

First, you must get hold of positive feedback and reviews from stone floor cleaning and restoration companies. Happy customers can give you lots of information about the floor restoration company. They will help you understand the quality and speed at which the company works. From choosing materials to completing the restoration, positive feedback and reviews will tell you about the company’s actual strategies. You can shortlist contractors based on what references say.  Do plenty of follow-ups and figure out if the firm is insured, licensed and certified.


Actual EsYork Stone Floor cleaningtimate

Estimates will differ from one York stone restoration company to another. Therefore, you must approach the contractor carefully! Ask them to inspect the floor area. They must give you a comprehensive quote without any hidden charges. During the inspection, contractors would measure the total floor area, calculate the amount of work to be done and potential wastage charges. Thus, you will get a comprehensive overview of the actual costs involved. Estimates should be obtained from the York stone floor restoration company. No one can tell you what your floor restoration project would cost.



A Messy Jostone floor restorationb

Last but certainly not least, neatness is very important. Floor restoration projects can be very messy. You must take all precautions to avoid dust and stay healthy. Once again, experienced contractors use the right equipment and techniques to ensure neatness. Therefore you must hire a reputed and an experienced York stone floor restoration company.


If you follow the previous advice then we at Highfield TS are confident you will find us at the top of the list for all of the above criteria.  Please give us a call to discuss all your stone floor cleaning requirements.

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This Year Will Be the Year of Stone Floor Cleaning Yorkshire Company Highfield TS.

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Stone Floor Cleaning Yorkshire Company Highfield TS.


This year is considered as the best time to hire a stone floor cleaning Yorkshire company like Highfield TS. Highfield TS use a wide range of tools and techniques to clean stone floors. If you are familiar with carpet cleaning strategies, you will understand the secret in these words. There are separate strategies to clean floors that are made of wood. With this being said, here are few points you should keep in mind while hiring a stone floor cleaning company.

Tips discussed in this write-up will make sure you bag a great and reasonable deal.


 Handling Costs 

First of all
, you must comprehend the fact that costs differ from stone floor cleaning companies. Most service provider charge for the area. This means, you should pay for every square foot. As the floor area becomes bigger, you should be prepared to pay more. Luckily, professional floor cleaning companies ask for a fixed rate per square foot. Experts believe that you should ask for quotes from three or more stone floor cleaning companies. Compare and contrast as many quotes as possible for a decent deal. Highfield TS are probably the most competitive stone floor cleaning companies in this area and will provide a free, No obligation quotation. Never choose floor cleaners with unrealistic offers. For example, don’t rely on companies that say “extras and free floor cleaning services”.


 Finding Floor Cleaners 


Businesses and homeowners are extremely luckily because there are several ways of spotting skilled floor cleaners. You can ask family and friends or go through reviews for a reliable stone floor Yorkshire company. As mentioned previously, you should compare several service providers (regardless of how long or where they are located). By comparing you will be able to weigh your odds and choose a good stone cleaning company. Highfield TS have a long history of excellent reviews that can be found on Google+, facebook or their own website.


 The Right Frequency 


The talk about choosing floor cleaning companies will remain incomplete without “frequency”. Stone floors should be cleaned at least once every year. If the region is subject to heavy foot traffic, you must clean it often. Floors must be cleaned without any stains. The frequency of cleaning stone floors depends on many factors. Fortunately, you can adjust the frequency, based on the circumstance. When you hire an experienced stone floor cleaning company, you don’t have to worry about when the next cleaning should happen. That is because the experts can help you schedule it. They will tell you why and when you should clean the floors.


 Simple Tips 


Experienced floor cleaning companies will support you with floor maintenance tips and homeowners should then be able to take care of their floors on a day to day basis. This will reduce the amount of money you spend every year. Professional cleaners offer fine-tuned maintenance tips to their customers.



 Here are few things you must bear in mind: 


  • Stone floors are different from normal tiles or hardwood.

  • Stone floors cannot be maintained using conventional methods, devices or solutions. 

  • Stone floors are prone to attract dust and dirt.

You must clean floor surfaces promptly to avoid permanent damage.

There are special floor care products for stone-based floors. You must buy these products and use them properly. Reputable stone floor cleaning Yorkshire company Highfield TS always used the most appropriate eco-friendly cleaning products.  So if your stone floor is need of a spring clean or ven if you are not sure then give Paul at Highfield TS a call.

Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614

Five Tips To Avoid Failure when York Stone Floor cleaning.

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York Stone Floor Cleaning.

With the help of York Stone Floor cleaning company Highfield TS, you don’t have to worry about the look and life of your floor. The professionals will make sure your home has beautiful and high-quality floors. When compared to conventional flooring stone floors should be handled carefully. You must avoid some cleaning strategies to increase the lifetime and quality of your stone floors. With this being said, here are top five things you must avoid while cleaning stone floors.


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  • #1 Devices First of all, you should stay away from wrong cleaning equipment. According to professional York stone floor cleaning service Highfield TS, there are so many different types of cleaning devices to choose from. The kind of equipment you pick must depend on the floor. This means, you cannot use a single cleaning device on stone, wooden and tiled floors.
  • #2 Chemicals Just like cleaning equipment, you must be careful with the cleaning chemicals you choose! York stone floor cleaning company Highfield TS will choose eco friendly cleaning products. They believe that eco friendly cleaning products  will leave the floor’s quality intact. These cleaning products don’t have acidic properties and so are gentler on the stone surface. Remember that acidic cleaners can affect your stone floors in a bad way. For example, acidic chemicals can peel the top sealer away and this will result in poor quality stone floor surface.
  • #3 Water Do you know that professional York stone floor cleaning company Highfield TS does not use “too much water”. Yes, they don’t follow the old ways of cleaning. Too much water and old mops can destroy your stunning stone floors. That is because water can pile up on the top layer and start creating cracks. These cracks will make the stone floor weak. This is why you should use the correct equipment. Never put excess water and destroy the overall surface.
  • #4 Scrubbing Have you ever come across carpet cleaning? Have you tried getting rid of stains from an old carpet? If yes, you have learnt this tip the hard way. Never clean stone floors the hard way. Scrubbing can ruin your floors. That is because stains react and spread quickly when you rub. If your stone floors are very old, scrubbing can leave permanent stain marks. The best way to handle these marks is to contact the professional stone floor cleaner Highfield TS.
  • #5 Vacuuming Last but certainly not least, you shouldn’t vacuum stone floors. This is because vacuuming cannot remove stubborn dust particles. Instead, hire an experienced York stone floor cleaning company like Highfield TS to complete the task.


If you want your stone floors returned to new then Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614





6 reasons you will be amazed when you hire Highfield TS for your Yorkshire stone floor cleaning.

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Yorkshire stone floor cleaning

With more and more people having stone flooring in their homes, the demand for cleaning and maintaining them have also increased. These stone floors and in particular Yorkshire stone flooring is an important part of your home as it singlehandedly gives your home a perfect look. But, what if the stone floor gets dirty or there are stains on it. There are times when you will find that the floors require being cleaned by a professional Yorkshire stone floor cleaning company.

There are many stone floor cleaning companies but finding one that will provide a professional service can be difficult.  There are various factors that you need to see once you decide to go with a particular agency. Yorkshire stone floor cleaning company Highfield TS have proved their efficiency through many years of experience and even more positive reviews.


Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614

We have shortlisted 6 reasons, why you should hire Highfield TS for your Yorkshire stone floor cleaning:


  • Cleaning and Resealing the tiles: The Highfield TS, shows their proficiency in removing stains from the tiles and resealing them again so that you can have the old look back to your home. There are many times you will find wax stains on the floor. These cleaning services will help you in removing them.
  • Re-Polishing the tiles: You will find, with time,  your tiles have lost their lustre and require an experienced technician with the required skills to get them looking like new.  Highfield TS are the perfect choice to bringYorkshire stone floor cleaningback their lost look. They do promote the use of eco-friendly products so that the lustre can be maintained for a long period.
  • Regular Cleaning:  Highfield TS would be happy to maintain your floors on a regular basis to help maintain that perfect look.
  • Precautions while cleaning the floor: Highfield TS always takes a tour of the floor to be cleaned as it helps them to ensure the correct cleaning method and solutions are used. The experienced professionals will also protect the surrounding area as well, while they are working on the floor.
  • Highfield TS Experts: Our expert guides you about how to keep your floor clean for the future purposes as well. Our professionals are from the industry only, which helps them in giving the perfect advice to the client and how can they prevents their floors from getting dirty before the expected time.
  • Certified Agency: We are a certified agency in Thirsk and the North East and have served the people from the corners of the region with a high satisfaction level. Do give us a call for our professional to visit your home, so that we can help you out with our level best.


If your stone floors are past their best and you would like to get them back to looking as good as new then give Paul at Highfield TS a call for a free quote.


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Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614

Stone Floor Cleaning North Yorkshire Is Not As Easy As You Think So Let Highfield TS Remove The Worry

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Stone Floor Cleaning North Yorkshire

Cleaning York stone floors

Stone floor cleaning North Yorkshire can be a challenge even to the most committed person. The stone can need attention for any number of reasons, and the best way to deal with an issue may not be obvious, particularly if one is not used to dealing with stone cleaning. It is very easy to make mistakes that can cause frustration, anxiety and ultimately become quite expensive. Sometimes people fall into the trap of:

  • Using the wrong products – and so damaging the floor. It is very easy to apply what appears to be a good cleaning agent without realising that you could be making a big mistake.
    Stone Floor Cleaning North Yorkshire


  • Using the wrong tools – and so again damaging the floor. Sometimes it might appear that a good scrub, with an abrasive for example, could clean your York stone but in fact do real damage to the stone surface.
  • Paying too much – and regretting ever beginning the work. Mistakes made with products or tools, or underestimating the size and extent of the cleaning issue, can be expensive.
  • Becoming frustrated with the company employed – and so again regretting ever beginning the work. If your relationship with the company you work with does not flourish professionally, or you lose confidence in their service, then your personal anxiety levels will be high.



Stone Floor Cleaning North Yorkshire

Stone floor cleaning  is a speciality of Highfield TS. Our team loves this work and is highly professional, friendly and dedicated to being of service to you. In particular we offer:

  • Products and tools of the highest quality, best adapted to your stone cleaning needs. Our research over many years has allowed us to identify the best options on the market.
    Stone Floor Cleaning North Yorkshire


  • An experienced and well trained team committed to best practice, who can answer questions, and generally share their knowledge and experience with you.
  • Highfield TS can take on the biggest challenges as well as those small irritating tasks that also need attention. Whatever the size or condition of your York stone floor, our team can tackle it.
  • Highfield TS is a cost effective option, since we can accurately determine what really needs to be done and give you a competitive price.
  • Highfield TS offers ongoing maintenance advice on how to keep your York stone floors in the best condition and appearance. This will reduce future expense arising from possible unintentional neglect.


Cleaning York stone floors.

Cleaning York stone floors is really not that difficult. But to do it properly requires the right tools, the right people, the right price and the right service. Mistakes can easily be made and it would be a pity if something which can be so beautiful and appealing as a York stone floor were to be spoiled by poor decision-making. Highfield TS can remove the worry of stone floor cleaning. Highfield TS can give you genuine peace of mind if you choose them for cleaning York stone floors.

4 Reasons Why You Must Hire The Professional Highfield TS When You Want York Stone Floor Restoration

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York Stone Floor Restoration.

To take on York stone Floor restoration can be a big task.
While starting out with the best intentions, eventually the challenges, the time involved, and the lack of knowledge about how best to tackle the job can get even the most committed person down. While there are various companies and professionals on the market offering services, Highfield TS is a highly professional, knowledgeable and friendly company that specialises in York stone floor restoration.  There are four key reasons why you must choose Highfield TS when deciding to take on  restoring your York stone floor.

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  • Products and tools. To do the job correctly requires using the right products and tools. Our team has identifiedand uses the latest and eco-friendly technology to deal efficiently with the restoration work. Mistakes made in this area can be costly and time consuming to rectify. The right choices made at the start by Highfield TS will ensure a more reliable and timely outcome.
  • Team experience. Our team is highly trained in this sort of work, and will be able to answer questions and
    York stone Floor restoration


    advise on different options you may wish to pursue.York stone floor restoration is a demanding and skilled occupation. We have taken the time to ensure our team has the skills to ensure you get the best service. Furthermore, the team can advise on ongoing maintenance, once your York stone floor restoration is completed. Questions about how best to keep it cleaned, and with what products, can be answered by our team.

  • Cost effectiveness. Because we specialise in this type of work, we can provide accurate quotations at the outset of the job. Our prices are competitive and our work is of the highest quality. Without specialist knowledge, costs can escalate unexpectedly, leading to frustration and perhaps even to abandoning the work. These risks can be substantially avoided by coming to Highfield TS first for your York Stone Floor Restoration.
  • Range of work. Highfield TS is prepared to take on major restoration work as well as those smaller butnecessary tasks. Whatever the size of the job, the initial condition of the stone or the damage to be dealt with, we have the experience necessary to advise on and complete the task to your satisfaction.

York stone restoration is an undertaking that requires serious reflection and commitment if the end result is to be satisfying. Making the right decisions at the start will be crucial to subsequent peace of mind and pride in the work.  On the other hand, mistakes made at the start can compound over time, leading to frustration and perhaps significant further expense. These negative effects can be avoided. When key factors such as products an

 York Stone Floor Restoration


d tools, team experience, cost effectiveness and range of work are taken into account, then the choice is obvious. Highfield TS must be chosen as the company to do your York stone floor restoration.






Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614

5 reasons to choose Highfield TS for stone floor cleaning Yorkshire

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Stone floor cleaning Yorkshire


Highfield TStone floor cleaning YorkshireS is a frontline stone floor cleaning Yorkshire service and is known for their quality surface, flexibility and commitment to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. The professional service team of Highfield TS consists of well-trained floor cleaning personnel who have vast experience and expertise in residential as well as commercial stone floor cleaning. Each member of the service team is committed to provide the best quality service to all customers.

This professional stone floor cleaning Yorkshire company undertakes all types of floor cleaning projects – maintenance cleaning as well as deep cleaning – irrespective of the size, floor type and condition of the floor. We offer our valued customers the best as well as the most cost-effective solutions for stripping, cleaning and resealing of stone flooring. Apart from stone floor cleaning Yorkshire, we undertake cleaning of other types of stone floorings including limestone, ceramic, Victorian Tiles, granite, Indian Slastone floor cleaning Yorkshirete, Brazilian Slate and Travertine.

Why choose Highfield TS for stone floor cleaning Yorkshire?

The stone floor cleaning and restoration task is performed by the highly-skilled craftsmen of our stone floor cleaning Yorkshire service who are always committed to providing the best results to the customers after the floor cleaning and restoration work. They provide tailored service to each customer to ensure the best results. After conducting a detailed survey of the flooring, they discuss with the customer in detail and listen to their needs, grievances and opinions. We, as a reliable stone floor cleaning Yorkshire service provide the customers all relevant information that they require.

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Highfield TS is an established stone floor cleaning Yorkshire firm with a proven track record in providing the most efficient floor cleaning as well renovation service to all types of interior floors such as Yorkstone, Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine and synthetic flooring including ceramic, Terrazzo and vinyl floors.

Highfield TS is a reliable stone floor cleaning Yorkshire service using the best quality products and the most advanced methods for stone floor cleaning. All the stone floor cleaning experts of our company are adequately trained as well as well equipped. They make use of the technologically most advanced as well as best quality types of equipment to carry out the floor cleaning task. The floor cleaning products that we use are eco-friendly and are of excellent quality. This stone floor cleaning Yorkshire company offers comprehensive stone floor maintenance services also.

Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614

As part of the floor cleaning process, our stone floor cleaning Yorkshire company applies a diluted, harmless solution of Grout Cleaner to ensure complete removal of dirt particles from the floor surface. We use rotary scrubbing machine to agitate the solution. We use vacuum extractors to dry the floor thereby preventing too much disruption as well as inconvenience to our customers. As a trusted and reliable stone floor cleaning service in Yorkshire  we are committed to protecting the interests of our customers.

Highfield TS is the professional stone floor cleaning Yorkshire company that provides the most efficient stone floor restoration service. We apply suitable sealer to the stone floor to ensure restoration of the original appearance of the stone. For different types of stone we use different sealers. The sealer also protects the stone floor from oil spillage. We have the expertise to restore the beauty of natural as well as synthetic floor tiles.

The most efficient as well as trusted services that we provide to all our customers enable us to get more opportunities to serve them. Moreover, our customers are so much impressed with the excellent quality of our service and the professionalism of our staff that they recommend our stone floor cleaning Yorkshire service to their relatives, neighbors and friends also.

Boston Spa Travertine Stone Floor Cleaned

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Travertine Stone Floor Cleaned

We were asked last week to Deep Clean & Seal a Natural Travertine Stone Floor at Boston Spa, Wetherby.

It was a Travertine floor that had been down for approximately twelve years. It was visibly in need of a birthdboston-spa-stone-floor-cleaning-vanay from Highfield TS, although I commented to our customers, that it had been well maintained because normally a Clean & Seal is due for the first time on average after six years.

With our powerful equipment and drying machines, we had 2 x floors cleaned, neutralised, dried and sealed in the same day.


Our customers were delighted with the results ! They opted for a dim glow sealant that would not be too shiny.


This customer was very pleased with the finished result because the Travertine floor was very dirty and when we left it was restored to as good as new.  The main reason this is possible is because the floor technicians working for Highfield TS are highly skilled with 15 years experience.

Highfield TS also use the very best Eco friendly cleaning products that gives the best results and leaves your Travertine stone floor absolutely gleaming.











Victorian Tiles Cleaning York

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Victorian Tiles are very attractive and offer a look of opulence and have a historical feel. For this reason they add character to anywhere that they are laid.

Victorian Tiles YorkA builder from York was working to convert a Victorian house into apartments and one of the last jobs to be done was to enhance the Victorian tiled floor in the entrance hall.

He appreciated that this, with other elements of the build offered a first impression so he wanted the floor tiles to be high gloss with a durable finish that would be able to withstand the foot fall that would be passing on a daily basis.

The tiles were deep cleaned; it is important when cleaning such tiles that care is taken to ensure that they are not dislodged and that specific product formulations are used in order to achieve the best result possible.

The required shine was created by using a Natural Stone Sealer. There is a huge variation of stone sealers available and each provide solutions to different aspects.

What you need to know about Stone Sealers:

Cleaning Victorian Tiles York

  • There are two types of protection of stone and these are impregnators and sealers. An impregnator works to protect the inside composition of the natural stone while a sealer will protect the top surface.
  • A quality product will provide protection against staining and damage. Whilst it offers resistance; this does not mean that a tile is water proof or stain proof.
  • Stone sealers need to be re-applied once worn; a way to identify whether there is sufficient seal is to apply moisture to the tile.

    If beading occurs it is likely that your stone is sufficiently sealed. If the area underneath of the moisture has darkened it is likely that the stone requires a reapplication.

The stone floor was almost unrecognisable once we had finished. If you would like to enquire about our stone restoration services please call today on 0800 0157773.

Restoring Limestone Tiles Knaresborough

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Restoring Limestone Tiles KnaresboroughRestoring Limestone Tiles Knaresborough

Restoring limestone tiles brings back their natural beauty.     They are an incredibly popular natural stone floor.  A limestone floor has many great attributes that make it a brilliantly versatile and attractive flooring choice.

A hygienic floor covering; some other floors can become saturated by bacteria, dust, allergens and grime. This means that the indoor air quality can be compromised and as a result can offer problems for allergy sufferers. Limestone, as a sealed stone floor, is resistant against these issues which propels its popularity throughout homes and businesses.

Durability; a professional installed and appropriately maintained limestone floor can last many decades. In comparison to carpet and linoleum, Limestone is exceptionally durable. This combined with the fact that it is a moderately soft stone means that it is more comfortable to walk on in comparison to some other stone flooring.

Versatility; limestone floors are well-suited to many rooms within a home. They are available in a variety of size, colour, grade and shape. This means that a truly unique floor can be created to suit any décor, whether contemporary or traditional. Another element of limestone’s versatility is the fact that it can be used for both interior and exterior installations.

Restoring limestone tiles afterAttractiveness; limestone flooring is available in a range of shades, colours and finishes and therefore means that it is aesthetically pleasing in many settings. You will find limestone floors that look rustic and some that look cutting edge. This tile type is resistant to discolouration so will remain looking at its best with our tailored maintenance cleaning programme.

We discussed the above detail briefly with our clients when providing a quote for this limestone cleaning job in Knaresborough. The home owner did not know why the floor looked so dull and wanted detail and advice on how best to clean the floor once it was restored.

They were about to go to the expensive and messy trouble of having all of the joints re-grouted. They were given our details and requested our assistance in order to discuss their options.

They were overjoyed with the results and the service they received from Highfield TS. If you would like to find out more about our stone cleaning and restoration services please call today on 0800 0157773.

Cleaning Yorkstone Tiles York

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We were asked to investigate a Black Limestone floor in the centre of York. The family had a beautiful contemporary kitchen extension built a few years ago.

Limestone Tiles YorkAlthough they had attempted to regularly maintain the floor tiles they felt as though the new room was not looking good anymore. They admitted that they were struggling to maintain their Black Limestone Tiles.

They felt that any products they chose to deep clean the floor were offering substandard results. They also felt that once the limestone tiles had been cleaned that they would quickly appear dirty again.

We discussed the process with them and gave the stone floor an extensive deep clean with our powerful industrial equipment. We cleaned the grout lines with a specialist grout cleaning solution and this produced a strikingly clean floor, prepared for the finishing stage.

Deep Clean YorkshireStone finishes are used to reduce wear and tear as well as enhancing the natural beauty of the tiles. We identified that a Topical Sealant would be best suited to this job. We applied five coats to that will work to help the routine maintenance. The finish will make sure that regular cleaning will be easier and more straightforward.

On completion of the work the limestone floor looked gleamingly clean, the grout lines offered the required contrast and complimented the surrounding elegant décor. Our clients felt relieved that they had requested our stone restoration services and it restored their passion for their once-loved tiled floor.

Feedback from our clients’ show that they are more confident with the general cleaning of their floor tiles, however, they feel unsure of how to deal with grout lines. There is a range of issues created which result in unsightly grout. Clean grout is instantly attractive!

If you have limestone tiles that are looking dull, dirty and worn please call us today on 0800 0157773 and request a free, no obligation quotation. We offer in-depth and specialist stone cleaning services and always look to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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    Ben Gordon
    Ben Gordon
    11:17 04 Jan 17
    Having received either no response or a very unhelpful response from a few other firms, I contacted Paul during the New Year to carry out some urgent carpet cleaning I required. He responded instantly in a very positive manner and offered to carry out the work on a bank holiday. Paul proceeded to carry out a speedy, professional and truly amazing job - the floors were unrecognisable afterwards - and I cannot recommend his friendly 'can do' attitude highly enough.
    Farndale Cottages
    Farndale Cottages
    09:39 19 Jan 17
    Paul did a great job steam cleaning all the stone floors in our holiday cottages and then put a sealer on top.
    Chloe Donnelly
    Chloe Donnelly
    07:41 05 Aug 16
    This is the second time we have used the carpet cleaning service of Paul, and again he turned up exactly on time and carried out the cleaning with the expected professionalism required. Our carpets are now like new and at such reasonable rates too. We will happily continue to not only use Paul but recommend him to others too.
    Sue Mulholland
    Sue Mulholland
    09:17 15 Aug 16
    Outstanding service and amazing results! Really professional work completed and quality carpets transformed from their dirty state to new. Saved a FORTUNE AND GREAT SMELL TOO! Would highly recommend Paul (Highfield TS) and his team. Friendly and efficient from begininning to end.
    Best Casinos Mobile
    Best Casinos Mobile
    17:07 30 Jun 16
    Highfield were booked to clean carpets and our suite. We booked them today as we needed them doing asap and they went out of their way to make sure they could help us, And they came today! Amazing job all round! The Sofa is like new and the carpets look fresh and clean. Will for sure be using these again. Highly recommended
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