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Upholstery Cleaning Thirsk

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Upholstery Cleaning Thirsk

Your sofa and chairs are very often items of furniture that are often overlooked when you are thinking of calling on the services of professional cleaners. Your carpet may be a larger item but you probably spend more time relaxing on your favourite sofa or armchair!


There are three main reasons why most people get their upholstery cleaned.


upholstery cleaning thirsk1. Appearance: First and foremost the reason most people give for getting their upholstery cleaned is to help maintain the appearance of their furniture. If you never clean your upholstery it will very quickly become grimy and dirty looking. If it is cleaned regularly then it will keep its ‘as new’ appearance for much longer.



2. Family Health: As previously mentioned in other cleaning articles bacteria can grow and multiply right under your nose without you even being aware of it. Dirt can multiply to such an extent that it becomes a problem to your family’s health. This bacteria can also cause unpleasant odours.


Image result for air quality3. Air Quality: Most people don’t realise that the air quality in the home is directly affected by the cleanliness of the carpets and upholstery. Ensuring that your upholstery is kept as clean as possible goes some way to keeping the air quality in your home as fresh and healthy as possible. Bad air quality in any home can cause breathing problems. By cleaning your furniture regularly you can keep your upholstery in tip top condition as well as improve your indoor air quality and your health.

Highfield TS were recently called to a home where the owner wanted to try and restore their sofa back to a cleaner condition. He decided to give Paul at Highfield TS a call after reading all the fantastic reviews on the website and Facebook.
The technicians at Highfield TS agreed to take a look and give a free no obligation quote. The sofa was made of a chenille fabric and was deeply engrained with high levels of soiling.  The staining was just a general build up of everyday grease and dirt from hands and clothing. Thankfully it was not newspaper print, as this is a challenge to remove.



The Highfield TS specialist made a professional judgement to use a steam cleaning system. Highfield TS does have dry cleaning systems, although they would not be successful on this level of soiling.
A specialist cleaning job like this would require a careful selection of the appropriate cleaning product. The one selected by Highfield TS was a new product made from vegetable oil. The reason this was possible was because the skilled technicians at Highfield TS strive to keep themselves up to date with new products.



The sofa took 45 minutes to clean and the spectacular results shocked the customer. What impressed the customer was the guarantee made by Highfield TS. The customer was told if Highfield TS could not achieve the best results, there would be no charge “. The customer was delighted. In fact, they were so delighted they sent a very positive review.



 Customer Review  We have a very nice cloth covered settee and two arm chairs which after being used by teenagers had been left in such a grubby state with stains and well ground in dirt we considered taking the whole lot to tip I was given ‘Highfield T S’ contact details from a friend and contacted them directly Paul came around initially to inspect and provide an assessment and quotation for doing the work He advised that one of the arm chairs was particularly bad and beyond saving. A view with which I concurred. Paul turned up promptly at the agreed time and date and commenced cleaning The result after 4hrs hard work was incredible, ALL of the furniture was brought back to its original colour including the arm chair that we both considered was beyond recovery We are delighted with the result. Paul is a very well mannered, hard working professional man who provided a service and delivered beyond our expectation We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND ‘Highfield T S’ if you are considering any professional upholstery cleaning 10/10 – Thank you Paul


So there you have it, another satisfied customer of Highfield TS.  If you think your upholstery could do with a spring clean then please give Paul a call.

Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
07922 022 614

Floor Cleaning Yorkshire

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It is an incredible element of business when you can see natural growth through hard work. Highfield TS work consistently to provide the best-available floor care and soft furnishing care services to each and every client that enquires with us. We have built up a great reputation as a family-run, caring local company.

The areas we serve include North Yorkshire, Boroughbridge, Thirsk, Great Ayton, Northallerton, Yarm, Helmsley, Ripon, Easingwold, Catterick, York, Bedale and Richmond. We have found that demand for our carpet cleaning and floor restoration services has also taken us further afield.

Carpet Cleaners YorkAs demand has increased we have been required to take on additional support. The most important consideration in this process was to find an individual that cared as deeply as we do about our customers and offering first-class finishes. Ben has worked with us for a long time now and we are incredibly pleased to announce that he has now joined Highfield TS on a full-time basis.

He brings a refreshing approach to our business and has a myriad of experience in carpet cleaning, stone cleaning, leather restoration and upholstery cleaning. He is a valuable asset and continues to assist the growth of the Highfield TS team.

We continue to invest both in state-of-the-art machinery and an in-depth understanding of evolving carpet cleaning and stone restoration techniques and product formulations. Clean carpets, stone tiles and soft furnishing look great and the cleaning process is both fast, efficient and competitively priced.

If you are looking for a floor cleaning specialist we invite you to call us today on free phone 0800 0157773. We make sure to deal with your enquiry quickly and professionally; we look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Upholstery Cleaning Marton Cum Grafton

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It is more than likely that upholstery fabric in your home or business, over time, will start to suffer from daily use. Some ongoing problems may include liquid spillages, food stains, wearing from clothing and general deterioration of the material over time.

Upholstery fabric cleaning YorkThis does not need to be something that you put up with as it can often look unsightly and can provide visitors to your home or business with the wrong impression. We have built up an enviable reputation as best-served upholstery cleaners serving the Yorkshire areas.

We were invited to clean these upholstered chairs in Marton Cum Grafton; the process of upholstery cleaning varies depending on the type of fabric, the nature of the stains and the products that can be used for the cleaning process. This forms part of the reason why it is advisable to seek the help of a professional upholstery cleaning specialist to restore your cared-for upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaner Marton Cum GraftonFirst, it was identified that the fabric was a wet, cleanable one.

The chairs were then sprayed with a Craftex product called Microsplit. This product separates soiling without the use of harsh chemicals. We always choose to use upholstery cleaning products that are eco-friendly; this is an important element of our cleaning services.

The fabric was then agitated with a Tampico brush and then left before rinsing with a Craftex product called Fibre Fresh Rinse, which helps to neutralise the ph level. Our client was very pleased with the result and our comprehensive range of upholstery cleaning services are provided at a competitive price and can avoid the cost of replacing beautiful pieces of furniture.

We left our client with further information of routine cleaning and upholstery cleaning tips which makes sure that our results are long-lasting.

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about upholstery cleaning prices we invite you to call Paul on 0800 0157773.

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    Ben Gordon
    Ben Gordon
    11:17 04 Jan 17
    Having received either no response or a very unhelpful response from a few other firms, I contacted Paul during the New Year to carry out some urgent carpet cleaning I required. He responded instantly in a very positive manner and offered to carry out the work on a bank holiday. Paul proceeded to carry out a speedy, professional and truly amazing job - the floors were unrecognisable afterwards - and I cannot recommend his friendly 'can do' attitude highly enough.
    Farndale Cottages
    Farndale Cottages
    09:39 19 Jan 17
    Paul did a great job steam cleaning all the stone floors in our holiday cottages and then put a sealer on top.
    Chloe Donnelly
    Chloe Donnelly
    07:41 05 Aug 16
    This is the second time we have used the carpet cleaning service of Paul, and again he turned up exactly on time and carried out the cleaning with the expected professionalism required. Our carpets are now like new and at such reasonable rates too. We will happily continue to not only use Paul but recommend him to others too.
    Sue Mulholland
    Sue Mulholland
    09:17 15 Aug 16
    Outstanding service and amazing results! Really professional work completed and quality carpets transformed from their dirty state to new. Saved a FORTUNE AND GREAT SMELL TOO! Would highly recommend Paul (Highfield TS) and his team. Friendly and efficient from begininning to end.
    Best Casinos Mobile
    Best Casinos Mobile
    17:07 30 Jun 16
    Highfield were booked to clean carpets and our suite. We booked them today as we needed them doing asap and they went out of their way to make sure they could help us, And they came today! Amazing job all round! The Sofa is like new and the carpets look fresh and clean. Will for sure be using these again. Highly recommended
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