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Carpet Cleaning

We have varied and time-served experience, we hope you choose us as your Carpet Cleaner North Yorkshire. We have chosen to offer two types of carpet cleaning systems, these being ‘Hot Water Extraction’ and ‘Dry Encapsulation'.

Hot Water Extraction

This is our preferred option for home carpet cleaning, the equipment we use does not use an abundance of water, so drying times are kept to a minimum (usually two hours, although this can vary).

We make sure to discuss all aspects of the job, providing confidence and assurance that you are dealing with a professional carpet cleaner.

We regularly surprise our customers with the incredible results that can be achieved, avoiding the costly expense of replacing their carpets.


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Encapsulation Cleaning

The aim of professionals who spend their time cleaning carpets is to get the carpets as clean as they can and as dry as possible.

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Office and commercial carpet cleaning are often carried out using ‘The Encapsulation Cleaning System’; this is a form of carpet cleaning that is best suited to these environments.

The Encapsulation Cleaning System has been developed for today’s carpets and the demand for dry carpet cleaning.

There have been big changes in the construction of carpet and carpet fabrics over the last few years, most notably commercial and domestic carpet has become shorter. Because of the denser packed pile, airflow is reduced and the carpet is left 

wetter. Add to this increased soilage and detergent is left behind.

We use a North East supplier for most of our Solutions, we try to keep our spending as local as possible. They stock all the leading brands of quality carpet and upholstery care products. The majority of the products we use are green, and contain the gentle cleaning power of Plant Extracts and are also biodegradable.


We have a range of stain removal products and pride ourselves on our success rates. However, depending on the carpet fibre type and length of time when the stain occurred; some stains may be what we call ‘stain set’ and cannot be removed.

Our experience in the trade has allowed us to build up relevant and important details about carpet stains and carpet cleaning. We will take time to discuss these with you, leaving you with information that will benefit you and will ensure our cleaning results are long-lasting.


We look forward to the opportunity of providing you with clean carpets that you will be proud of.

Rug Cleaning


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We are specialist cleaners of all types of rugs from all around the world. We assess each rug individually and proceed with the upmost care.


We are proud to have our services recommended by a local  Thirsk Rug shop.

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