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Upholstery Cleaning


The furnishings we have around our home are covered in various fabrics, made up of natural and synthetic fibres.


At Highfield TS we have experience in cleaning most types of Sofas & Armchairs. We assess each item on arrival and decide on the best and safest way to clean it.


Some items of Upholstery only require a very low moisture clean, to look at their best, where as others may require a more vigorous clean if heavily soiled.


Drying times for Sofa & Chair Cleaning does vary from 2 – 12 hours. This depends on the type of Fabric. We do have Drying equipment to keep Drying times to a minimum when Three Piece Suite Cleaning.

b4 and after chair uplhol-min OPT.jpg
b4 and after dinning uphol-min OPT.jpg

Three Piece Suite’s  often get soiled in certain areas; such as head rest, and arms. We are familiar with this and the causes, so we pay special attention to these areas.

commercial chair uphol-min OPT.jpg

Commercial cleaning jobs are a big part of our business. No job is too big or too small for our dedicated team and the last piece of furniture will be as clean as the first.

Upholstery Cleaning Products from Craftex provide a gentle and effective cleaning action with a pleasant fragrance.

We have experience of many different fabrics and will know how to get yours looking at its best.


Not cleaning your Fabric Upholstery can lead to damage to the fabric by certain types of soiling.


Body fats including hair, oil and perspiration are two of the most common culprits. All fabrics can be weakened, especially by salt produced by perspiration.


To stop your Fabric Suite becoming worn in the primary areas, it is advised that it is cleaned before a build up of soiling occurs.

Mattress Cleaning



Has your mattress been cleaned lately? We can clean it for you with our powerful bactericidal deodoriser. This process will leave your mattress clean, fresh and sanitised.

Why not enquire about getting your office upholstery cleaned with your office carpets?

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As upholstery cleaners, we undertake;

Sofa Cleaning

Office Chairs       

Caravan Upholstery Cleaning

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