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Seven Things You Need to Know About Amtico Floor Cleaning

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amtico floor cleaning

Amtico Floor Cleaning

Homeowners choose to get Amtico floor because of the durability, wide selection of styles, patterns and colours and the simple maintenance. It is much easier to care for this type of floor compared to hardwood or marble, for example. However, this doesn’t mean that you can go without Amtico floor cleaning. Find out how to do it properly and get the best possible results.


1. Start with Protection

Place a doormat in front of every entrance to your home to minimise the amount of dust and dirt that people bring from the outside and make cleaning your Amtico floor easier. This will help to protect the floor from scratching too. To avoid furniture marks which are always incredibly annoying, use felt feet or glides

2. Regular Sweeping Is Key

The frequency depends on your individual needs. Usually, sweeping the floor once or twice a week is sufficient. If you have kids, you will most likely have to do it more often. It’s best if you use a soft-bristled broom to protect the floor from scratching.

3. Careful Vacuuming

Using a vacuum cleaner is more efficient compared to sweeping. Just remember to use the right attachment for hard floors. It’s equally important to ensure that the wheels won’t scratch the surface. Make overlapping passes for best results. Use the crevice tool to clean tight areas including corners.

4. Effective Mop Cleaning

There is a product designed especially for Amtico floor cleaning which you can use to prepare the solution. The best tool for the job is a string mop. A microfiber one is fine too. Just avoid sponge mops as they don’t perform well. For best results, the mop should not be too soggy. Make overlapping passes and don’t scrub too much.

5. Don’t Forget Rinsing

Rinse the mop thoroughly first. Then do the same with the bucket. This is important since some of the solutions may remain on the bottom and walls. Then add fresh water and rinse the entire floor. This will guarantee that there will not be any traces of the solution on it.

6. Stubborn Dirt Removal

This step will most likely be required only once or twice a year. The flooring manufacturer has a product formulated especially for this. You need to prepare a solution with it, let it stay on for ten minutes after the application and then rinse the floor thoroughly. As long as you follow the instructions strictly, you will get the desired Amtico floor cleaning results. Just remember that applying too much of the product is not a good idea. The same is true for vigorous rubbing.

7. Finishing for a Fresh Look

You can use a specially formulated dressing product to add a satin finish to the floor. This is not a challenging task. The key thing is to use an applicator mop with a flat head which is specially designed for the purpose. Applying the right amount of the product is essential.

Alternatively, you can leave Amtico floor cleaning to the professionals of Highfield TS who will produce top results quickly. The company has extensive experience and an excellent reputation.

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The Biggest Problem With Stone Floor Restoration, And How You Can Fix It

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The Biggest Problem With Stone Floor Restoration.

Are you considering stone floor restoration? Then you should have a clear idea of how it should be done. When the job is done properly, you will have a floor which looks awesome and is in top shape.


What Could Go Wrong

Poor understanding of the nature of the stone which requires restoration is perhaps the most serious issue which you can encounter. It’s one thing to deal with marble and another to work with granite or terracotta. Each type of stone has its own characteristics that should be taken into account. For example, some types are more porous than others and this causes them to stain more easily. The solution could be sealing or impregnation, with the choice once again depending on the structure of the stone. Similarly, some types of stone like marble benefit from stripping followed by polishing, as this enables them to have their natural beauty on display always.  The experienced floor tecnicians at Highfield TS are experienced in the field of restoring stone floors and you can rest assured they will do a professional job.

restoring a stone floor

While stone is amazingly strong and durable, it could get damaged if it doesn’t receive the appropriate treatment. When it comes to stone floor restoration, the choice of materials and tools is essential. The ideal cleaning product is pH-neutral and does an excellent job with getting into the pores of the stone and picking up those nasty dirt, sand and debris particles which cause dullness and making the natural colour darker. In the same way, it’s crucial for the tools used for cleaning, polishing and other jobs to be in perfect condition. A new polishing pad should be used for each job, for instance.

How to Get the Best Results

It’s not hard at all to avoid the key issues described above. You just need to know how to hire the right company for stone floor restoration. It involves some research, but it will all be worth it in the end. While it makes sense to read views and to take into account the experience of the company, you should focus extensively on the techniques, materials and equipment which they use.

The main restoration techniques include deep cleaning, polishing and sealing or impregnation. The cleaning should involve stain removal. It’s essential for each stain to be treated individually, given its nature.

stone floor cleaning


Polishing is effective for removing scratches left by all kinds of abrasive particles. Sometimes, it is not sufficient, however. In such cases, depending on the nature of the stone, the specialists use a technique called stripping for the removal of the topmost layer of the stone. It could be the ideal solution for discolouration, deep scratches, great dullness and improperly applied sealant which has done more harm than good over time.

When it comes to sealing as part of restoring the stone floor, you have to ensure that the service provider will use a proven application technique and a product which is suitable for your stone and is also of very high quality. It is also possible to have a glossy finish added to your floor to enhance its natural lustre. A top company like Highfield TS can provide a restoration service and will offer these option.

Now you know how to deal with the biggest problem associated with stone floor restoration. You can hire experts in the field like Highfield TS with confidence.


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The Pros and Cons of Stone Cleaning

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Stone Cleaning

Stone flooring is exceptionally beautiful and extremely durable too. Given that it is also a large investment for any household or business, it requires proper care. Undoubtedly, stone cleaning is essential, but are you sure that you are doing it right? Find out how it should be done and what cleaning methods and agents should be avoided at all costs.

Key Benefits to Consider

stone cleaningStone cleaning is required often. Since stone is porous, a liquid can get absorbed quite quickly. While high-quality sealant will slow down the process immensely, you should be quick to act and wipe the floor with soft white kitchen paper towel. Since dirt particles can scratch the surface, frequent cleaning with a dust mop is equally important. It makes sense to use professional deep surface cleaning at least once a year or more often if required. They could be useful after major home renovation projects too. Let’s see the main benefits that you will get with them.


Dirt removal

stone cleaning yorkshireWith a cleaning solution that removes dirt and sand particles and other debris, the stone floor will get its natural looks back. Tools like rotary pad machines help to achieve perfection. It’s great to see the dark film going away.





Stain removal

professional stone floor cleaningIf the spilt liquid has already penetrated into the stone, it’s better to leave the stain removal job to the specialists. They will use a chemical treatment which will remove the stain without causing harm to the flooring.



Shiny grout

highfield TS stone cleanersThis material is porous just like stone, so it collects dirt and tiny debris particles over time. With deep cleaning, it will regain its natural colour.




Perfect safety

north yorkshire stone floor cleanersWhen you opt for professional stone cleaning, you can have peace of mind that all materials and used are completely safe for your floors. You should not worry about them causing discolouration, scratches or more serious damage.







Effective future protection

protect stone floorThe application of sealant after cleaning is not mandatory, but it is highly desirable, as it will provide reliable protection from dirt and stains. When the sealant is applied correctly, it will enhance the appearance of the floor and last for a long time.




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Major Mistakes to Avoid

When stone cleaning is not done correctly, it could go terribly wrong. Often, it is homeowners opting for the wrong kinds of materials and/or tools who cause damage. Let’s take a look at what you should stay away from:

Applying acidic solutions – While white vinegar and lemon juice are commonly recommended as “universal” home cleaning agents, they could cause damage to stone because of their acidic nature. Avoid the use of commercial products containing acidic compounds also.

Using tools that can scratch the floor – Don’t vacuum your stone floor with a vacuum cleaner whose wheels and/or attachments are worn as they can easily scratch the surface. You can use a soft dry mop for sweeping the floor clean instead.

Now you have a clear idea of the wrong way and the right way to clean stone floors. When it comes to professional stone cleaning, you can rely on Highfield TS to do an excellent job.

If you love your stone floor then you will want to ensure it is being looked after by professionals.  Highfield TS has 16 years experience in the specialist stone floor cleaning industry and a number of positive reviews they have collected shows they only offer the very best service.


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Stone Floor Cleaning – 5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong.

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Stone Floor Cleaning

It’s important to make stone floor cleaning an integral part of home maintenance. Stone is exceptionally durable in addition to having a unique charm, but it is a natural material and its porous structure requires extra care to be exercised on the part of owners. Regrettably, it’s common for people to make mistakes when cleaning stone floors. Discover what you should not do and what to do instead.

  1. Vacuuming the Wrong Way

stone floor cleaningMany experts recommend that you simply sweep dirt with a soft dry mop. However, this could be a tedious task, which has to be done every few days if not daily to produce the desired results. Without a doubt, vacuuming is more effective, but you should know how to do it properly.

Use the attachment with the softest bristles and slide it on the floor gently. Remember that pushing it down too hard could cause scratches. Additionally, it’s essential that the wheels and legs of the vacuum cleaner are not worn as they could scratch the surface badly. Consider using pads and covers, if needed, to achieve the best stone floor cleaning results.

  1. Slow Reaction to Spills

stone cleaning spillsThe different types of stone can absorb liquid quite quickly, with the actual rate depending on how porous they are. While high-quality sealant can keep the liquid out for a long time, it may penetrate eventually. That is why you should clean spills immediately. Use a white cloth or kitchen paper towel to wipe the liquid. Don’t press against the floor as you may push some liquid down. In case of an oily stain, dampen the cloth or paper towel in hot water for best stone floor cleaning results.

  1. Using Classic Homemade Cleaners

stone floor cleasningYou’ve heard how solutions with lemon juice and vinegar could do wonders for removing grime from all kinds of surfaces, right? The truth is that they could damage stone because of their acidic composition. If you want to prepare an effective solution, you should use soap with neutral pH and no acidic ingredients. Alternatively, you can use a specially formulated stone cleaner.



  1. Experimenting with Grout Cleaning

cleaning stone floorGrout is notorious for getting too dirty, too quickly, but this doesn’t mean that you have to scrub it with an abrasive cleaner and a hard-bristled brush, especially when it keeps together stone tiles. The best solution to the problem is deep grout cleaning performed by a professional who can do the job safely. It makes sense for it to be an integral part of stone floor cleaning.



  1. Provide Full Protection

protect stone floorModern sealants don’t alter the natural texture and colours of stone floors. Quite the opposite, they can enhance them. When the application of a sealant is not possible because of the nature of the stone, impregnation could do an equally good job. Remember that you have to put effort into protecting the stone floor too. Place doormats at the entryways of your house and consider placing rugs in high-traffic areas. Shake them regularly to minimise the risk of abrasive particles harming your stone floor.

To ensure that you will get effective professional stone floor cleaning, you can count on the specialists of Highfield TS.


If you have any questions regarding stone floor cleaning or any other floor or upholstery cleaning then:


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4 Mistakes Highfield TS Will Avoid When Cleaning York Stone Floors

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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning York Stone Floors

York stone floors are a lovely feature of any residential or office area. It is important to look after them as even the best stone floor can deteriorate in time. Highfield TS offers a comprehensive York stone floor cleaning and maintenance service. We are professionals who know how best to tackle the challenges that stone floors can pose. It is easily possible to make mistakes when deciding what to do when thinking about York stone floor cleaning unless you really know what you’re doing. The following are 4 mistakes you will certainly avoid if you choose Highfield TS to deal with any Yorkshire stone floors you may have.


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york stone floor cleaning

  • Using the wrong cleaning products. It is vitally important to use products that will not damage your stone. An inappropriate, highly concentrated cleaning agent, or acidic substances, may stain your floor, and cost more in further repairs. Highfield TS have the latest and best products that are eco-friendly and employ professional staff who apply the right products in the right amounts for best results.

  • Using the wrong tools. Highfield TS does not use inappropriate abrasive tools that could damage your stone floor. Our staff are trained in the use of the right tools and can provide advice for you in the ongoing maintenance of your Yorkshire stone floors.


  • Paying too much. Highfield TS can precisely identify your needs and what will be required to complete thbest carpet cleaning company thirske cleaning job. Sometimes it is not obvious what needs to be done. Only professional insight and advice can reduce the risk of paying out more than intended if a job becomes more complicated or the wrong options are chosen initially. Our team is highly skilled in a wide range of stone for cleaning, includingVictorian tiles, granite, Indian slate, limestone, travertine and Brazilian slate. Whether the job entails maintenance cleaning or deep cleaning, and no matter what the size, condition or floor type, our company will offer a competitive price that will more accurately reflect the costs of the job.


  • Frustration with the company employed. Sometimes you choose the wrong company but this can be avoided. Highfield TS has a friendly professional staff of long experience in this business. We know what we are doing and value our work highly. We have a strong reputation for quality which we constantly work to maintain and improve. Your job is not just another job to us but a real opportunity to put our skills at your service. If we are hired, you will avoid regretting having decided to address the issue of cleaning your cleaning York stone floors.

These simple mistakes, involving using the wrong cleaning products, using the wrong tools, paying too much, and frustration with the company employed, can all be avoided. If they are not avoided then there is likely to be subsequent frustration and financial cost, perhaps serious. To ensure you do enjoy your York stone floors, and can maintain them to the high standard they deserve, choose Highfield TS for cleaning York stone floors every time.


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Six Reasons Why People Like Carpet Cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS.

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Why People Like carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS.

Hiring a carpet cleaning Thirsk company is a convenient way of keeping your home clean and tidy!  For most homeowners, carpets are extremely close to their hearts. They spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds buying floor coverings that should be maintained forever! Yes, you read it right. Just like many other home decors, carpets must be cleaned promptly and regularly. Just the thought of cleaning  carpets can be physically and emotionally stressful. That is why many homeowners hire professional carpet cleaning companies in Thirsk .

Here are few reasons why carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS is loved by many.  As a professional service provider,  this company has many advantages for you.


  • #1  Arranging? Leave it to the experts! Arranging your home for carpet cleaning is a task by itself. You should invest a good amount of time arranging. Let’s do a quick analysis here: if professional carpet cleaners need 3 hours to arrange your home, you may need five more! Doesn’t this sound like a reason why homeowners hire carpet cleaning services?


  • #2 Insurance & Safety by hiring Highfield TS, your property will be insured and safe. Let’s face it, professional carpet cleaners are extremely experienced. They will make sure your belongings are handled carefully (especially your floor coverings). Likewise, all your personal belongings at home will be protected. You will not enjoy this level of comfort using DIY methods.


  • #3 Techniques and Equipment Moving on, carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS use the right kind of techniques and equipment. DIY is definitely a fine approach. Unfortunately, you may have to exert more effort for clean results. With the right kind of tools, cleaning carpets will become simpler. They will do all the figuring for you.


  • #4 Save Money A lot of DIYers feel lost and confused on how much carpet cleaning would cost. Well, DIY sessions can be more expensive than you think. That is because you must work around many hidden charges. Luckily, experienced carpet cleaners offer straightforward estimates. This means, you will know how much the entire process is bound to cost (even before starting work). Doesn’t this sound thoughtful and well-planned?


  • #5 Friendly Assistance Reputed carpet cleaning companies offer friendly services. They are trained professionals with several years of experience in the industry. They know how and when to provide the right kind of services. It is easy to approach, ask for solutions and offer suggestions. In case you want the job to be done differently, don’t think twice to voice out. Carpet cleaning service providers will definitely listen to you.


  • #6 Save Time Last but certainly not least, carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS will get the task done quickly. You don’t have to wait days (or weeks) for the job to be accomplished. The “Pros” will take care of everything for you. But yes, you must hire a professional carpet cleaning Thirsk Company .


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Reasons to give carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS a call


A recent Facebook infographic details some of the most important reasons for getting your carpets cleaned.


Facebook Post


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The Seven Steps Needed For Putting Home Carpet Cleaning Thirsk Company Highfield TS Into Action.

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How To Put Home Carpet Cleaning Thirsk Company Highfield TS Into Action.


How to look for a carpet cleaning Thirsk Company is easier said than done. To be honest, there are so many service providers to choose and filter from. If you are looking for a home carpet cleaner, the next few lines will definitely lend you a hand of help. These tips will make sure you find a perfect carpet cleaner company, without any hassles or tussles. These tips will help you find someone who is capable of accomplishing an outstanding job.


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#1 Take Time

First of all, you must take plenty of time. A common regret from most homeowners is “I wish I had taken few more days and hunted for the right carpet cleaning company”. When it comes to carpet cleaning, many people tend to be in a hurry. Well, you don’t have to hurry and find an inexperienced company. Instead, do lots of research and homework on who tops the current market.


If you do a search on Google you will find Highfield TS occupies 4 of the top 10 positions for carpet and stone floor cleaning.


Carpet cleaning thirsk#2 Floor Retailers

Secondly, you should approach floor retailers and in Thirsk North Yorkshire that could be Calverts Carpets. No one can know carpets better than floor retailers. Stores that specialise in selling carpets will have a good idea about carpet cleaning. They will be aware of local experts! Floor retailers will be in touch with many skilled carpet cleaning Thirsk companies too. This means they can help you hire the right person for the right kind of job.


Thirsk carpet cleaning company#3 Gather Details

Before you finalize on a carpet cleaning company, you should gather plenty of details. Check on the service provider’s experience. Have they been around for several decades? If yes, you are likely to get better quality outcomes. However, be wary! Figure out how long the company has been with orders. Check if the technicians would show up at your home. Some carpet cleaning service providers shift from one company to another. Be bold, and ask questions to figure out such companies.


best carpet cleaning company thirsk#4 Beyond Price

Never look for carpet cleaning Thirsk companies with “price alone in mind”. Indeed, you will want great value for what you pay. However, there are marked differences between value for money and cheap services. Some companies streamline tasks to reduce labour charges. These companies will be easy to bargain and bag a deal. On the other hand, standard carpet cleaning companies would have a standard quote. They will make sure you get what you actually pay for.



Highfield TS thirsk#5 Understanding Warranties

Never hire carpet cleaning Thirsk companies without being aware of their warranty. If the company is not interested in writing stuff, you must watch out. Their guarantees are unreliable marketing hooks. Stay away from companies with statements like “we are the best carpet cleaners and everything additional is free”.

Highfield TS offer what is, without a doubt, the most compelling guarantee to be found in this area.  If you are genuinely  not 100% satisfied with the service provided by Paul and Highfield TS they will endeavour to put it right.


Highfield TS feedback

#6 References

Do you know that reliable carpet cleaning companies provide references without any second thoughts? They will be happy to give you references. And as you talk to their regular clients, you will be able to understand the company’s proficiency.


Highfield TS Facebook review.



Highfield TS clients#7 Question on Unhappy Clients

Last but certainly not least, you must be aware of the company’s unhappy customers. This might sound absolutely strange. However, this is the best way to evaluate a carpet cleaning Thirsk Company.  Believe it or not but Highfield TS has never left a customer feeling unhappy.  Our 100% guarantee seen above ensures they only have satidfied customers.


Finally please follow the steps above to ensure you find the best carpet cleaning service  to meet your needs.  We are confident you search will lead you to Highfield TS so please Give Paul a Call.


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Upholstery Cleaning Thirsk

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Upholstery Cleaning Thirsk

Your sofa and chairs are very often items of furniture that are often overlooked when you are thinking of calling on the services of professional cleaners. Your carpet may be a larger item but you probably spend more time relaxing on your favourite sofa or armchair!


There are three main reasons why most people get their upholstery cleaned.


upholstery cleaning thirsk1. Appearance: First and foremost the reason most people give for getting their upholstery cleaned is to help maintain the appearance of their furniture. If you never clean your upholstery it will very quickly become grimy and dirty looking. If it is cleaned regularly then it will keep its ‘as new’ appearance for much longer.



2. Family Health: As previously mentioned in other cleaning articles bacteria can grow and multiply right under your nose without you even being aware of it. Dirt can multiply to such an extent that it becomes a problem to your family’s health. This bacteria can also cause unpleasant odours.


Image result for air quality3. Air Quality: Most people don’t realise that the air quality in the home is directly affected by the cleanliness of the carpets and upholstery. Ensuring that your upholstery is kept as clean as possible goes some way to keeping the air quality in your home as fresh and healthy as possible. Bad air quality in any home can cause breathing problems. By cleaning your furniture regularly you can keep your upholstery in tip top condition as well as improve your indoor air quality and your health.

Highfield TS were recently called to a home where the owner wanted to try and restore their sofa back to a cleaner condition. He decided to give Paul at Highfield TS a call after reading all the fantastic reviews on the website and Facebook.
The technicians at Highfield TS agreed to take a look and give a free no obligation quote. The sofa was made of a chenille fabric and was deeply engrained with high levels of soiling.  The staining was just a general build up of everyday grease and dirt from hands and clothing. Thankfully it was not newspaper print, as this is a challenge to remove.



The Highfield TS specialist made a professional judgement to use a steam cleaning system. Highfield TS does have dry cleaning systems, although they would not be successful on this level of soiling.
A specialist cleaning job like this would require a careful selection of the appropriate cleaning product. The one selected by Highfield TS was a new product made from vegetable oil. The reason this was possible was because the skilled technicians at Highfield TS strive to keep themselves up to date with new products.



The sofa took 45 minutes to clean and the spectacular results shocked the customer. What impressed the customer was the guarantee made by Highfield TS. The customer was told if Highfield TS could not achieve the best results, there would be no charge “. The customer was delighted. In fact, they were so delighted they sent a very positive review.



 Customer Review  We have a very nice cloth covered settee and two arm chairs which after being used by teenagers had been left in such a grubby state with stains and well ground in dirt we considered taking the whole lot to tip I was given ‘Highfield T S’ contact details from a friend and contacted them directly Paul came around initially to inspect and provide an assessment and quotation for doing the work He advised that one of the arm chairs was particularly bad and beyond saving. A view with which I concurred. Paul turned up promptly at the agreed time and date and commenced cleaning The result after 4hrs hard work was incredible, ALL of the furniture was brought back to its original colour including the arm chair that we both considered was beyond recovery We are delighted with the result. Paul is a very well mannered, hard working professional man who provided a service and delivered beyond our expectation We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND ‘Highfield T S’ if you are considering any professional upholstery cleaning 10/10 – Thank you Paul


So there you have it, another satisfied customer of Highfield TS.  If you think your upholstery could do with a spring clean then please give Paul a call.

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Here’s What No One Tells You About York stone floor restoration company Highfield TS.

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York Stone Floor Restoration Company Highfield TS

Do you wish to hire a York stone floor restoration company? Are you hunting for someone who can give you that picture perfect York Stone floor? Or, do you want someone who can help you restore ceramic tiles faster? The process of installing, maintaining and restoring floors is a challenging process and If you want the job to be accomplished successfully, you must hire the right “company”.  This is definitely a daunting task and the many people you turn to for advice will not be able to give you proper information about restoring a york stone floor.  Therefore, you should do your fair share of study and homework.


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York Stone Floor Restoration

Details About Past and Current Customers

First, you must get hold of positive feedback and reviews from stone floor cleaning and restoration companies. Happy customers can give you lots of information about the floor restoration company. They will help you understand the quality and speed at which the company works. From choosing materials to completing the restoration, positive feedback and reviews will tell you about the company’s actual strategies. You can shortlist contractors based on what references say.  Do plenty of follow-ups and figure out if the firm is insured, licensed and certified.


Actual EsYork Stone Floor cleaningtimate

Estimates will differ from one York stone restoration company to another. Therefore, you must approach the contractor carefully! Ask them to inspect the floor area. They must give you a comprehensive quote without any hidden charges. During the inspection, contractors would measure the total floor area, calculate the amount of work to be done and potential wastage charges. Thus, you will get a comprehensive overview of the actual costs involved. Estimates should be obtained from the York stone floor restoration company. No one can tell you what your floor restoration project would cost.



A Messy Jostone floor restorationb

Last but certainly not least, neatness is very important. Floor restoration projects can be very messy. You must take all precautions to avoid dust and stay healthy. Once again, experienced contractors use the right equipment and techniques to ensure neatness. Therefore you must hire a reputed and an experienced York stone floor restoration company.


If you follow the previous advice then we at Highfield TS are confident you will find us at the top of the list for all of the above criteria.  Please give us a call to discuss all your stone floor cleaning requirements.

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How clean is your carpet

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So how clean is your carpet?  The infographic below will show where your carpet can collect all the dirt and stains that help to make it look past it’s best.

how clean is your carpet


If you would like to get your carpets looking good as new then:

Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
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If you are not

This Year Will Be the Year of Stone Floor Cleaning Yorkshire Company Highfield TS.

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Stone Floor Cleaning Yorkshire Company Highfield TS.


This year is considered as the best time to hire a stone floor cleaning Yorkshire company like Highfield TS. Highfield TS use a wide range of tools and techniques to clean stone floors. If you are familiar with carpet cleaning strategies, you will understand the secret in these words. There are separate strategies to clean floors that are made of wood. With this being said, here are few points you should keep in mind while hiring a stone floor cleaning company.

Tips discussed in this write-up will make sure you bag a great and reasonable deal.


 Handling Costs 

First of all
, you must comprehend the fact that costs differ from stone floor cleaning companies. Most service provider charge for the area. This means, you should pay for every square foot. As the floor area becomes bigger, you should be prepared to pay more. Luckily, professional floor cleaning companies ask for a fixed rate per square foot. Experts believe that you should ask for quotes from three or more stone floor cleaning companies. Compare and contrast as many quotes as possible for a decent deal. Highfield TS are probably the most competitive stone floor cleaning companies in this area and will provide a free, No obligation quotation. Never choose floor cleaners with unrealistic offers. For example, don’t rely on companies that say “extras and free floor cleaning services”.


 Finding Floor Cleaners 


Businesses and homeowners are extremely luckily because there are several ways of spotting skilled floor cleaners. You can ask family and friends or go through reviews for a reliable stone floor Yorkshire company. As mentioned previously, you should compare several service providers (regardless of how long or where they are located). By comparing you will be able to weigh your odds and choose a good stone cleaning company. Highfield TS have a long history of excellent reviews that can be found on Google+, facebook or their own website.


 The Right Frequency 


The talk about choosing floor cleaning companies will remain incomplete without “frequency”. Stone floors should be cleaned at least once every year. If the region is subject to heavy foot traffic, you must clean it often. Floors must be cleaned without any stains. The frequency of cleaning stone floors depends on many factors. Fortunately, you can adjust the frequency, based on the circumstance. When you hire an experienced stone floor cleaning company, you don’t have to worry about when the next cleaning should happen. That is because the experts can help you schedule it. They will tell you why and when you should clean the floors.


 Simple Tips 


Experienced floor cleaning companies will support you with floor maintenance tips and homeowners should then be able to take care of their floors on a day to day basis. This will reduce the amount of money you spend every year. Professional cleaners offer fine-tuned maintenance tips to their customers.



 Here are few things you must bear in mind: 


  • Stone floors are different from normal tiles or hardwood.

  • Stone floors cannot be maintained using conventional methods, devices or solutions. 

  • Stone floors are prone to attract dust and dirt.

You must clean floor surfaces promptly to avoid permanent damage.

There are special floor care products for stone-based floors. You must buy these products and use them properly. Reputable stone floor cleaning Yorkshire company Highfield TS always used the most appropriate eco-friendly cleaning products.  So if your stone floor is need of a spring clean or ven if you are not sure then give Paul at Highfield TS a call.

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Six Features Of Carpet Cleaning Ripon Company Highfield TS That Make Everyone Love It.

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Carpet Cleaning Ripon Company Highfield TS


Not all Carpet Cleaning Ripon Companies are the same. There are marked differences between carpet cleaning services. Before you hire a carpet cleaner, you should be aware of what they offer.

According to a recent study carpet cleaning Ripon company, Highfield TS have a few features that make it special and lovable.


Carpet cleaning company ripon#1 Certifications & Training

Carpet cleaning Ripon company Highfield TS has industry certifications and training. Companies invest on training their technicians, this means they know how inspections, cleaning and restoration has to be done at your home! Likewise, technicians are asked to take up certifications on reinstallation, rug cleaning, fabric cleaning, upholstery care and water damage restoration methods. These techniques will make sure your carpets look bright and clean for a long time.



#2 Reviews and Experience

Secondly, experienced carpet cleaning Ripon company Highfield TS has plenty of positive reviews and experience. Knowledge on carpet cleaning does not come only with training and education. Instead, experience plays a very important role. Good carpet cleaners have several years of experience in the industry. They are bound to have positive reviews in search engines, social media websites and customer feedback columns. Likewise, neighbours and friends will be able to talk to you about the carpet cleaning company Highfield TS.



#3 Quality assurance

In many towns and cities, carpet cleaners come and vanish rapidly. That is why you must look for companies that have been around a long time and Highfield TS certainly has that longevity.  They have been cleaning and restoring the carpets, stone flooring and upholstery in the North East for over 15 years.  During that time, they have built up a huge fan base who come back time after time.  The variety of jobs completed has ensured the staff at Highfield TS have been exposed to the widest variety of cleaning jobs.



#4 Reasonable Investment!

You might consider carpet cleaning Ripon company Highfield TS as an expensive investment. However, professional carpet cleaners are not as expensive as you think. This is true because you pay for the excellent services you receive.   Also, if you compared the cost of a professional carpet cleaning service against the cost of new flooring then you would agree that cleaning comes out on top.



#5 Unique Cleaning Methods

A lot of homeowners opt for professional carpet cleaning Ripon companies for their cleaning methods. They use sophisticated tools and techniques to remove stubborn stains from carpets. Proficient carpet cleaning methods take care of soil extraction, soil suspension, dry soil removal and grooming. These routines will increase the overall lifetime of your carpet.




#6 Speciality Treatments

Do you know that some carpet cleaning Ripon services provide specialty treatments? These treatments make use of powerful enzymes. And, these enzymes can remove stubborn stains from carpets and rugs. Reputed carpet cleaners offer this service without any additional charges. Likewise, they use neutral or low pH treatments to make sure your carpet doesn’t attract dirt and dust particles quickly.


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On the whole, there are several reasons to hire professional carpet cleaners. The experts will make sure your carpets look perfect and last longer. And, these are seven major reasons why everyone loves  Highfield TS the best carpet cleaning company in Ripon.


Ripon Carpet cleaning company


For a fast efficient 100%, satisfaction guaranteed service then give Paul at Highfield TS a call.

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This Is Why Carpet Cleaning Thirsk Company Highfield TS Is So Famous!

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Carpet Cleaning Thirsk Company Highfield TS

Carpet cleaning Thirsk is a highly skilled company that can improve the overall look and feel of your hocarpet cleaning company thirskme. Professional carpet cleaners know how to enhance the life of your floor coverings. Experts claim that this is one of the finest ways to improve the overall health and lifestyle of your family.  Carpet cleaning services are extremely famous for their health benefits and if your family has members with breathing difficulties or asthma, carpet cleaning will help them. The professionals at Highfield TS will vacuum and remove dust/dirt in a smart way. If you are still not convinced with the health benefits of carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS, this article will help you!

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

Dirty carpets are filled with indoor air pollutants, allergens, pet dander, polluted particles and different types of dust! Even toxic airborne molecules get trapped in the carpets. Toxic airborne molecules are formed by everyday activities like walking and vacuuming. the professional carpet cleaning services of Highfield TS will help you get rid of these molecules. The experts use different varieties of shampoos and chemicals to clean floor coverings. These products can remove deep layers of pollutant so you must hire the professionals at Highfield TS to see long-term results. Remember that DIY methods cannot get rid of stubborn and deeply trapped pollutants easily.

thirsk carpet cleaning companySecondly, carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS will get rid of dust mite infections. Many homes (even the rich, posh ones) are affected by dust mites. Unfortunately, homeowners are unaware of these mites. That is because dust mites are microscopic creatures. Mites are not allergens but their body fragments and faeces are toxic. Due to its microscopic size, dust mites are easily inhaled too! Experienced carpet cleaners use steam cleaning to get rid of mites. The technique is used during carpet maintenance sessions. Steam cleaning exposes carpets and rugs to very high temperatures. Dust mites will not be able to survive at theses temperatures.

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Highfield TS take care mould growth too! If you live in regions with high humidity or areas where central heating is used, the chances of having dirty carpets are high and mould grows quickly on dirty carpets. If the carpet fibres are not vacuumed or dried properly, mould would grow rapidly. Doesn’t this sound unhealthy and dangerous? Luckily, Highfield TS know how to get rid of mould and mildew. Professionals use powerful drying tools to remove moisture. As you eliminate moisture, you can prevent mould formation.

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Very Many Benefits!

In additional to health benefits, carpet cleaning Thirsk company Highfield TS promise the following benefits:

For a FREE assessment and No obligation quote give Paul a call at Highfield TS.

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5 Things About Carpet Cleaning Northallerton Company Highfield TS You Have To Experience For Yourself.

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Carpet Cleaning Northallerton

Carpet cleaning Northallerton has evolved massively in the past few years. This can be attributed to the fact that carpets and rugs are long term investments and more-and-more customers are looking for experCarpet Cleaners Northallertonienced carpet cleaners. Regular vacuuming may remove dust and dirt from carpets. However, you will not be able to get rid of allergens lying deeper. In fact, conventional cleaning strategies don’t get rid of dust mites, tough food spills or foot traffic. That is why you must hire an experienced

However, you will not be able to get rid of allergens lying deeper. In fact, conventional cleaning strategies don’t get rid of dust mites, tough food spills or foot traffic. That is why you must hire an experienced carpet cleaning Northallerton Company Highfield TS. Highfield TS will help you increase the quality and lifespan of your carpets. They use high quality equipment and techniques to leave clean and fresh carpets behind.


Here are five interesting things about carpet cleaning Northallerton company Highfield TS.


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Five Tips To Avoid Failure when York Stone Floor cleaning.

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York Stone Floor Cleaning.

With the help of York Stone Floor cleaning company Highfield TS, you don’t have to worry about the look and life of your floor. The professionals will make sure your home has beautiful and high-quality floors. When compared to conventional flooring stone floors should be handled carefully. You must avoid some cleaning strategies to increase the lifetime and quality of your stone floors. With this being said, here are top five things you must avoid while cleaning stone floors.


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6 reasons you will be amazed when you hire Highfield TS for your Yorkshire stone floor cleaning.

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Yorkshire stone floor cleaning

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With more and more people having stone flooring in their homes, the demand for cleaning and maintaining them have also increased. These stone floors and in particular Yorkshire stone flooring is an important part of your home as it singlehandedly gives your home a perfect look. But, what if the stone floor gets dirty or there are stains on it. There are times when you will find that the floors require being cleaned by a professional Yorkshire stone floor cleaning company.

There are many stone floor cleaning companies but finding one that will provide a professional service can be difficult.  There are various factors that you need to see once you decide to go with a particular agency. Yorkshire stone floor cleaning company Highfield TS have proved their efficiency through many years of experience and even more positive reviews.


Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
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We have shortlisted 6 reasons, why you should hire Highfield TS for your Yorkshire stone floor cleaning:



If your stone floors are past their best and you would like to get them back to looking as good as new then give Paul at Highfield TS a call for a free quote.


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10 ways Carpet Cleaning Thirsk can help your carpets live longer

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Carpet Cleaning Thirsk

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Highfield TS can show 10 ways when carpet cleaning Thirsk.   Carpets add a lot of visual beauty to your home. Besides making your home look stylish, carpets also keep your rooms warm and reduce your heating bills. While attractive carpets can enhance the look of your room, an untidy carpet can single-handedly ruin the ambiance and appearance of the entire space. In order to ensure that the carpets influence your space positively, you need to get them cleaned by a professional company like Highfield TS when Carpet Cleaning Thirsk regularly. Here are 10 reasons why.

Hiring a professional Carpet Cleaning Thirsk is definitely worth it.

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Carpet Cleaning Thirsk | What Experts Are Saying

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Carpet Cleaning Thirsk

Carpet Cleaning Thirsk is a dynamic enterprise committed to service excellence and professionalism. To face cleaning old, stained and tired looking carpets can be a daunting task. The ordinary busy person can be simply overwhelmed. They might put off doing anything until even more damage and expense seems likely. Highfield TS when Carpet Cleaning Thirsk can take on that task, and more importantly:carpet cleaning thirsk




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Highfield TS experts in carpet cleaning.

Experts in carpet cleaning in particular have noted some key aspects around the service provided by Carpet Cleaning Thirsk.


These are the key characteristics of the service, as identified by a range of experts in the carpet cleaning business. While each of these characteristics is important individually, in combination they add up to an exceptional service. A remarkable set of skills is on display. Highfield TS, Thirsk carpet cleaners are a leader in carpet cleaning and should be considered first by any potential customers who want to get top service and professionalism.


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Carpet Cleaning Ripon Success Story you’ll never believe.

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Carpet Cleaning Ripon

Carpet Cleaning Ripon. Most people love to buy carpets for their home because using these comfortable and well designed fabrics makes them feel good and protected. Keeping your carpet cleaned and well maintained is an indispensable job if your carpets are dirty and starts embarrassing you when visitors come to your house, office or showroom. Using the right methods of carpet cleaning is really crucial because it can make a significant difference to Carpet Cleaning Riponthe overall appearance and life span of your carpet.

How do you clean your carpet? It is really not easy to clean a carpet on your own. Just like most of the people, you also use vacuum cleaner or if it is a rug you can take it outdoors and hit it hard with stick to take out the embedded dirt. Well, these are not the most effective methods of cleaning a carpet.

Highfield TS, when carpet cleaning in Ripon could be the best solution for your carpet cleaning requirement.

Now you should really know a how a professional service like Highfield TS, when carpet cleaning in Ripon works:
The highly skilled carpet cleaning service, Highfield TS mainly uses two methods of carpet cleaning: Steam cleaning and dry cleaning. These two methods are very effective in taking out the embedded dust and dirt from your carpet. Now you should know about the benefits of such services.


Give Paul at Highfield TS a call on:
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Special eco-detergents and tools:

Carpet cleaning Ripon services make use of special eco-detergents which are not available in commercial stores and most people don’t even know about these eco-detergents. The use of these eco-detergents makes the process of cleaning carpets more thorough by removing the germs, molds and dust mites.

An unclean carpet is the ideal place for different types of germs, molds, bacteria and dust mites to live. It can get you infected with allergies and possibly exacerbate a number of other illnesses like asthma. Vacuum cleaning is not very effective in getting rid of most of these problems. A complete thorough cleaning is required which is done through the commercial methods that Highfield TS and their team of expert professionals provide.

Eliminates the foul smell from your carpet:

If you do not clean your carpet for a long time, there might be a foul smell in the room or the place. With the help of a commercial carpet cleaning service like Highland TS you can actually get rid of the foul smell. You can actually make your room fresher.

A complete new look:

A commercial carpet cleaning Ripon service can actually give a complete new look to your carpet. It actually gives a new life to your carpet and the room it is in.

You can find a lot of carpet cleaning services available in Ripon but if you are looking for the most effective carpet cleaning Ripon service then you should give Paul a call at Highfield TS.


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Stone Floor Cleaning North Yorkshire Is Not As Easy As You Think So Let Highfield TS Remove The Worry

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Stone Floor Cleaning North Yorkshire

Cleaning York stone floors

Stone floor cleaning North Yorkshire can be a challenge even to the most committed person. The stone can need attention for any number of reasons, and the best way to deal with an issue may not be obvious, particularly if one is not used to dealing with stone cleaning. It is very easy to make mistakes that can cause frustration, anxiety and ultimately become quite expensive. Sometimes people fall into the trap of:


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Stone Floor Cleaning North Yorkshire

Stone floor cleaning  is a speciality of Highfield TS. Our team loves this work and is highly professional, friendly and dedicated to being of service to you. In particular we offer:


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Cleaning York stone floors.

Cleaning York stone floors is really not that difficult. But to do it properly requires the right tools, the right people, the right price and the right service. Mistakes can easily be made and it would be a pity if something which can be so beautiful and appealing as a York stone floor were to be spoiled by poor decision-making. Highfield TS can remove the worry of stone floor cleaning. Highfield TS can give you genuine peace of mind if you choose them for cleaning York stone floors.

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