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How To Clean My Sofa?

Don't you just wish your sofa looked like it did when it was new?

It probably doesn't smell to good either, after your pets and children have clambered all over it.

Firstly it is a good idea to vacuum your Sofa at least once a month. Although you may not see the difference, it does remove all the Dry molecules that contribute to odours and eventually looking grubby.

You could use one of the many DIY wet cleaning mini machines available these days in North Yorkshire, although please be careful. At Highfield TS we often see Sofas that have been cleaned like this and often the end result isn't good. The problem mainly being that some of these machines do not extract all of the shampoo out. This leaves a sticky residue that attracts more dirt.

Better call Highfield TS, we are recommended by one of the largest furniture stores in North Yorkshire. We use professional products that remove: grease, body oil, hair oil, coffee, tea and red wine. We have drying equipment that speeds up the drying process, so the sofas can be used later that day.

We clean Corner Sofas, 3 & 2 seater sofas, also Clean Armchairs, Clean Reclyning Chairs.

Give us a call for your free quotation on 07922022614


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