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How To Clean Your Kitchen Floor

Your Kitchen is normally a busy hub of your home, and keeping it looking reasonably clean can be a nightmare ! There are some general tips we can give for all floors, although others depend on the type of flooring you have.

After a few years your floor could be ingrained in grime, perhaps lost it's protective coating, and anything you do, doesn't seem to work ! Time to call in the professionals and give it a birthday.

We are specialist cleaners of Natural Stone Flooring (clean & seal), Porcelain, Carpet (including Flotex) and LVT such as Amtico,Karndean & Polyfloor.

We have a lot of specialist equipment to transform your floor, the work can usually be completed in one day. The products we use are as envirementally friendly as possible.

The Do's & Dont's once it is clean !

Do Clean the primary areas daily. Little & often, it won't take long.

Don't use too much product, doing this will, overtime leave a sticky residue which will attract dirt, and ebb away at any protective coating you may have.

on a daily basis, a Mop & Bucket once a week with the correctly diluted product.

( The excess water left behind from a bucket & mop, often sits in grout lines and attracts dirt.

Don't use products like Bleach, Washing up Liquid, or Stardrops, they are too concentrated and may give you the problems stated above.

Do use a Concentrated Disinfectant Dilute in a spray bottle and use with your Flat mop. I use this everyday, and would eat off our kitchen floor, can you say the same ?

If you have a rugged Natural Stone Floor a Flat mop is not for you, as it will not glide like it would on other smoother floors. What we recommend for you is ( guess what ) a Bucket & Mop, stiff Sweeping Brush and a Wet Vac Mop the floor, agitate with stiff sweeping brush then extract the water / grime with your Wet Vac. This will leave your floor drier and extract the residues that would normally be left behind from a Mop & Bucket.

To contact your Professional Floor Cleaner in North Yorkshire call; Thirsk 01845 577161, Ripon 01765 647523, Northallerton 01609 765273, Easingwold 01347 820182, Yarm 01642 939169

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