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Natural Stone Floor Clean & Seal

Beautiful flooring such as the many types of Natural Stone found in homes in North Yorkshire need to be maintained to look their best. This evolves the correct daily / weekly routine which Highfield TS can advise you on, along with a Deep Clean & Re-Seal once in a while.

How often does this need doing?

It does depend on the type of Natural Stone Flooring, and how much you are prepared to let it deteriorate. The average timescale is 5 - 6 years.

At Highfield TS, we are happy to come and assess your floor, perform a test patch to showcase the likely results and provide a free no obligation quotation.

We have alot of heavy duty equipment to carry out the work, and as we are not a franchise, we are able to choose the best products available from different manufacturers. We do of course choose products made in Britain wherever possible. We offer different finishes depending on the floor, High Sheene, Satin or Matt.

Please give us a call on 07922022614 or visit

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