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Read This Before Cleaning Your Carpets in Boroughbridge !

With all the new homes in and around Boroughbridge, we are being kept busy keeping

them looking at their best.

Most of them are fitted with nice new stylish grey carpets, although the thing most new occupants don't realise is they are average quality synthetic carpets.

What does this mean?

Well, don't get me wrong you can get really good quality synthetic carpets that serve you well and stay looking good for a reasonable time.

However, the lesser quality ones, start looking dirty from 12 months onwards.

This is because the dirt just sits on the top of the carpet and isn't absorbed like better quality carpets.

Especially noticeable with light modern grey colours, not helped by our love of pets and the mess that comes from an unfinished housing estate.


Most people add too much shampoo, or their machines are not powerful enough to get it all out. This leaves a sticky residue, and the carpets are dirty again in no time.


We don't use sticky shampoos, we use a product that is soap free, odour free, & non toxic.

Carpets stay cleaner longer with this amazing product.

With prices from as little as £40.00, why not give Paul a Call at Highfield TS for your no obligation quotation. Call Boroughbridge 01423 788881

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