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Remove Stains From Carpets

It is very unlikely that nothing will ever get spilt on your carpets.

Although that does not need to be a problem as the vast majority of stains

are removeable if treated correctly.

First we need to think about what was spilt on your Carpet, & when ?

Most substances that are spilt on a Synthetic fibre Carpets within the last 30 minutes

can be removed, as they have not had time to set. I do this at home myself by;

Absorbing as much as possible with a Towel.

Switching your Kettle on until not quite boiled.

Tip about a Cup full of the Hot Water on the spillage ( less if only a tiny spillage )

then blot with a towel. You could possibly stand on the towel.

See what results you have, then possibly repeat that process or agitate the Carpet a little.

This is when you need to call the professionals.

Highfield TS, Thirsk, North Yorkshire

0800 015 7773

This is a common stain left behind from a

Christmas Tree, and often not removeable,

although when we attended this one at

Helmsley, North Yorkshire we were quite

pleased with the results we achieved.

This type of water mark staining is best treated with White Vinegar mixed with warm water, if you were to try it at home.

The Kettle technique also works on Wool Carpets on spillages such as RedWine,Fruit Juice, Tea and Coffee, although the latter two can be a problem because of Tanning in them.

Blue Tack on Carpets is something we see quite often, a capful of White Spirit should help to remove that for you.

If a Stain has become set after 24hr for example, it is best to call a professional for advise, as treating Stains with the wrong product can very easily make them worse or un-removeable.

Generally, if we attend Stains on Carpets in,Ripon,Easingwold,Thirsk,Northallerton or York and they are grey or black in colour, they can normally be removed. If the stain is coloured, we need more information as to what was spilt & when.

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