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Tick Us Off Your To Do List !

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday month of August !

Time for fun days out with the children / grandchildren.

A change from the old routine, and time to organise some of those jobs you just don't get round to. We have many customers, (especially teachers) taking advantage of this time to get their homes clean before Autumn.

So if your favourite Armchair has a horrid headpatch ! and would benefit from a clean.

Or your Lounge Carpet looks grubby, quite often a line in front of the Sofa !

Does Your Amtico / Karndean flooring not look quite as good as it used to do ?

Didn't those Grout lines on your Tiled Floor look better when they were clean ?

Don't go to the trouble of taking all those curtains down, then going back and forwards to the Dry Cleaners ! We can clean them insitu.

For all your specialist Cleaning in North Yorkshire

Give Paul a Call on 0800 015 7773 / 07922 022 614

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